Forbidden Doors Christian Horror Film

Best-selling Author Bill Myers Newest Project

Los Angeles – Amaris Media Int. is producing a Christian horror film based upon Bill Myers’ “Forbidden Doors” book series, which won a C.S. Lewis Honor Award. Why Christian horror? Company vice president, Peggy Medberry said, “With the rise of so many supernatural books and films, we felt it was time to enter the arena and set the record straight regarding the real power of God.”

The movie deals with two teens who return to California from the Amazon mission field only to discover their classmates, in fact the entire town, is caught up in occult activity. Armed with only their understanding of Scripture, and learning as they go, the brother and sister battle against the forces of darkness to eventually set the captives free.

Instead of the more conventional source of finding financers, the company has chosen to use Kickstarter, a crowd funding approach where people can help by donating as little as five dollars. When asked why, Myers, a veteran of several successful Christian productions including Focus on the Family’s video series, “McGee and Me” said, “We felt God would be more glorified if the whole body of believers worked together to make this happen. Kind of a family thing.” The Kickstarter campaign which can be found here will run until November 16. If the goal of $400,000 is not reached by that date, all money will be returned to the participating donors.amaris

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Empowered21 President and Global Co-Chair Signs Historic Letter with Christian, Jewish leaders to Halt Persecution of Middle East Christians

At a press conference on Monday, October 13, in Jerusalem, Empowered21 President and Global Co-Chair Billy Wilson joined with prominent leaders of major Jewish and Christian global organizations to sign a historic joint initiative calling on world leaders to take firm action to halt the brutal persecution of Christians in the Middle East.

The letter was sent to 95 democratic countries and co-signed by Dr. William M. Wilson, president and co-chairman of the Empowered21 Global Council and president of Oral Roberts University (; International Christian Embassy Jerusalem executive director Dr. Jürgen Bühler; and World Jewish Congress president Ronald S. Lauder. The joint initiative was unveiled at the Feast of Tabernacles celebration sponsored by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem.

“This letter gives an important voice to Christians who are being persecuted and even killed for their faith around the world, especially in the Middle East,” said Dr. Wilson of ORU and Empowered21. “In this age of technology, we have a greater awareness of these types of alarming oppressions and a greater responsibility to protect Christian communities. Most Christ followers in these difficult situations will not respond with violence and therefore need global governmental authorities to stand with them against these injustices.”

Wilson continued, “I was humbled that Mr. Lauder, whose people have persevered through some of the greatest persecution in the world’s history, joined to sign this historic letter. To see this prominent Jewish leader stand with Christians in this moment should speak volumes to these world leaders.”

According to The Voice of the Martyrs, there are more Christian Martyrs today than there were in 100 AD-in the days of the Roman Empire. Of the top 10 countries of the worst Christian persecution listed by Open Doors, eight are in the Middle East.

The rise of ISIS, or the Islamic State (IS), has continued to raise concern for the safety of Christians in the Middle East. This information from World Watch Monitor shows some example of the threat:

“Where Islamic State has gained power, their reign of terror is driving all Christians and other minorities out. Before Islamic State began its rampage, about 3,000 Christians had been living in Mosul, down from 35,000 after the 2003 war. Now, there are virtually no Christians left. The mainly Christian town of Qarakosh has been abandoned as well, along with other villages; the last Christians have left the northern town of Bartella. Tens of thousands of Christians have become internally displaced, fleeing to the Kurdish region, with cities like Erbil and Dohuk taking in thousands of them.”

Also on hand to speak at the press conference was Canon Andrew White, known as the ‘Vicar of Baghdad,’ an Anglican cleric who has become one of the leading voices of the persecuted Christians of Iraq.

“The current plight of Middle East Christians is heart-breaking and even western churches have to do more to bring the suffering of our fellow believers to the forefront worldwide,” said Dr. Bühler. “But to have a prominent global Jewish leader lend his voice to this moral call for protecting the region’s persecuted Christians is unprecedented in modern times. We welcome all others of goodwill who will take a stand now for these vulnerable ancient Christian communities.”

“Just as Christians defend Jews against anti-Semitism, just as Christians support Israel, we Jews have an obligation to speak out against the growing persecution of Christians in many parts of the world,” Lauder said in explaining his participation as head of the World Jewish Congress.

“Islamist extremists have launched a full-fledged assault on our Western values, on our civilization, and Jews and Christians must work hand in hand to defeat this threat. For too long, the world has remained silent in the face of this evil. We must act before it is too late,” Lauder added.

There are more than 600 million Spirit empowered Christians around the world. Empowered21 aims to help shape the future of the global Spirit-empowered movement throughout the world by focusing on crucial issues facing the movement and connecting generations for intergenerational blessing and impartation. Their vision is that every person on Earth would have an authentic encounter with Jesus Christ through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit by Pentecost 2033. More information on Empowered21 can be found at

Dr Billy Wilson Jerusalem Press ConferenceEmpowered21 will bring Christians together to contemplate the critical issues facing the Spirit-empowered movement at the upcoming Global Congress to be held May 20-25, 2015 in Jerusalem. This Congress is a call to all believers from around the world to celebrate Pentecost in the land of Pentecost. The event is expected to bring thousands of Christians to the region for a time of teaching, praise and prayer. Main sessions will be held in the new Jerusalem Payis Arena with the final session on Pentecost Sunday scheduled as a intergenerational global launch toward renewed world evangelization under the theme “To the Ends of the Earth”. More information can be obtained at

Read the letter at

See the list of world leaders it was sent to at


God’s Executive Assistants

By Jon Edmonds, Executive DirectorJonEdmonds
Movement Day Greater Dallas

In my role of Executive Director of Movement Day Greater Dallas, I have quickly realized that this is a true “start-up” ministry. For the first time in over twenty years, I have no Executive Assistant or Administrative Assistant. I am experiencing days that I am critical of myself for not being as efficient or responsive as my self-expected standard. I am often fatigued by the many functions that have me running from here to there to get things accomplished. These are vital tasks that I have come to count on and expect an assistant to “handle” on my behalf. There are literally hundreds of tasks, both small and large, that in the past, were someone’s responsibility to complete with excellence. As soon as we can establish a financial base that affords us the budget to hire an assistant, it will be the first thing I will do because the work must be done. Someone MUST complete it.A few days ago, while I was having a pity-party, thinking about everything I had to get done that day (after I woke up, just before my morning devotion), I thought about God in this context. God willingly assigned the awesome responsibility of Kingdom building to His church, his children, His people. In Matthew 28, starting at verse 18, Jesus, this Divine Executive, states that all authority in heaven and earth is given to Him. And in a great show of confidence in us, He follows that statement with a responsibility for us to complete. “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

Therefore, as the Movement Day Greater Dallas staff, our partners, and our volunteers carry out our mission, we should remember that God is counting on us and expecting us (like His Executive Assistants) to work with excellence, completing the vital assignments that lead to success. And when I check the record, I see that He has outstanding compensation. Oh, by the way, when you see your support staff today, give them a Holy hug.

One thought on “God’s Executive Assistants”

// INITIATIVE:: Human Trafficking Panel

Human Trafficking Panel

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Our Powerhouse Panel Answered Some Crowd Questions:

What is next? Where can we get involved?  We need everyone to ask God where they should be involved. When it comes to Jesus Said Love, we need people of all kinds. If you are breathing, you are qualified. Go to the low income areas where pimp culture rules and mentor boys. Research places and go help out at different organizations. There is the 6 degrees of separation, but I think there is really only 1 degree of separation from who God wants you to know.

What are tangible rules that men can take to stop sex trafficking?  Stop watching porn and don’t promote the pimp culture. Men can re-evaluate on how they view women and sexuality. How has your mind been groomed? Men need to also learn one of the most important things is having unpleasant accountability conversations.

What are some common mistakes you see ministry making that we can correct? They come not knowing about the survivor. They aren’t learning what they have been through. They come not knowing how to embrace with love through the gospel. People don’t want to understand the background. Just because people know Jesus doesn’t mean their background is all water under the bridge. Every church should have counseling for sexual abuse, sexual addiction, pornography in WOMEN. Churches see this as just another cause or temporary issue that they can engage on. The church needs to own it’s responsibilities in how it dispenses love. The trafficking is happening all the time and we have a role to play. It is NOT just once a month or in January. In this move of God, what threatens the enemy more than anything is unity in the body. We need to put our egos aside for the sake of the gospel. We need unity.


We have to be praying for ourselves to understand, for victims, for business that may be complicit, for traffickers, law enforcement, a mighty hand of God to be compelling a response in our country for this issue.Ask God to reveal to you who the victims are. There are needles in haystacks. They don’t know that they’re victims. They are living the life they have been indoctrinated to.

// INITIATIVE:: Ministry Highlights

New Friends New Life

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New Friends New Life restores and empowers trafficked teen girls and sexually exploited women and their children. By providing access to education, job training, interim financial assistance, mental health and spiritual support, NFNL helps women and their children overcome backgrounds of abuse, addiction, poverty and limited opportunities.”

What a powerful statement, right? That is the mission of New Friends New Life. It was given nonprofit status in January of 2000 as Amy’s friends, but they began helping woman in 1988. The organization was able to provide financial help to more than 87 women in the first five years. That is an incredible feat.

During its first 15 years, they provided necessary resources to thousands of women and girls in their community. Just last year, 30 girls in the Henry Wade Juvenile Detention Center,200 women in Dawson State Jail, 119 women in their own Resource Center, 98 women with their Support Services, 55 women with their intensive Case Management and 155 children in the program. And in 2012, New Friends New Life served approximately 657 teens, women, and their children.

Wow, those numbers really capture the heart. There is so much need for those women to have hope.

How New Friends, New Life Helps

With an organization with such an incredible success, it is essential to have helpful services. New Friends New Life is not in any way lacking in the services department:

  • Resource Center: An environment created for women so they can work on improving their lives and the lives of their children. It is open to women still in the sex industry or those seeking to leave. They do not have to be participants or proteges in the New Friends New Life program in order to benefit from the trainings and mentoring offered.
  • Women’s Program: NFNL helps women leave the sexually oriented businesses through operating a program of assistance based on expectations of accountability and responsibility on the part of those helped. Participants, called protégés, commit to changing their lifestyles, living within a budget, remaining drug and alcohol-free, and gaining the education or skills needed to acquire conventional employment. As women stabilize their lives, their children’s circumstances and future opportunities drastically improve.
  • Children and Youth Program: We are committed to helping the children and youth of NFNL grow and mature emotionally, spiritually, academically, and physically through our services to children and their moms. Protégés and potential protégés are encouraged to bring their children to our Wednesday night meeting. Each week we serve between 20-40 children and youth ranging in age from birth to 18 years of age in programs for preschool, elementary, and middle school/high school students.
  • Community Outreach: NFNL serves the community through speaking engagements by staff or graduates of the program. We bring awareness to the issue of commercial sexual exploitation, educate the community about the work of NFNL, and serve as a resource to those wanting to learn more. NFNL also serves incarcerated youth in the Dallas Juvenile Detention Center through facilitating group counseling.
  • Women Wanting out of the Sex Industry: Women who want to get out of sexually oriented businesses can hear words of encouragement from women who are or have been protégés here.

Wow, those services are so needed. It’s an incredible thing, truly.

How You Can Help

As you read through those services, if you feel the tug of the Holy Spirit to get involved, here are some ways you can help out and see hearts transformed:

New Friends New Life relies on volunteers, our Circle of Friends, local business and partners, and interns to fulfill the purpose of the organization. There are numerous ways in which you can join the mission of helping women leave the degradation of sexually oriented businesses to build new lives for themselves and their children.

  • Serve as the connection for your church or group at a monthly meeting to learn about NFNL needs and mobilize others to volunteer
  • Work one-on-one with women in the following areas: GED; college entrance/application; job skills/search; basic computer skills; access to basic services; budget counseling. Once trained, volunteers can set their own schedule.-Help with administrative/office tasks
  • Get involved with the Children and Youth Program – we are especially seeking counselors/therapists; fully licensed or intern status
  • Become an Education and Employment Advisor
  • Become a Parenting Advisor
  • Provide a meal for our weekly group meeting
  • Serve and clean up meal service at a weekly meeting
  • Participate in annual fundraising events, like the Home Tour and Holiday Shoppe, Art Sale, or Spring Luncheon
  • Provide employment opportunities for our women through our Business Partnership Model.
  • Raise awareness of NFNL and the cause of women in the sex industry. Create your own enjoyable ways to share our message with your friends and invite us to participate.
  • Provide a financial gift to support a woman as she transitions from the sex industry. Giving may be done by mail or online.

And that is just a list for volunteer help! They also have internships available that include being a children and youth coordinator, children’s programs internship, and counseling practicum internships. Along with all the things you see, donations are always greatly appreciated to help out a woman that may really need help.

If you’re looking to get involved, find more information, or even just donate to this incredible organization, check out their website at

// INITIATIVE:: Jesus Said Love

Initiative topic for today: LOVE

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When the word “strippers” is said what do you first think of? Probably not ministry. Our world has been trained to think of them as objects, not fellow human beings. This is not how Jesus sees them at all and neither should we; they are his children.

Jesus Said Love is an incredible organization founded by Brett and Emily Mills. In 2003, Brett and Emily led worship for a conference focused on ministry to sex workers.  Overwhelmed by stories from former exotic entertainers, Emily became burdened for the marginalized in Waco. Upon their return home, emails were sent, vision was cast. Very soon after, Jesus-loving women, loaded up with gift bags, ventured into two Waco strip clubs. It was a success! Each club manager offered open-door invitations for them to return anytime!

For three years the women went to clubs bi-annually: Christmas and Easter. In 2006, the name Jesus Said Love was adopted for this specific program. The heart is to reach out to those who feel like they have been rejected or unloved by the church.

“What began as a bi-annual outreach in Waco has now grown into a full time ministry of monthly club outreach events, social work assistance, education, awareness, medical, educational, child care and nutritional advocacy in Waco, Dallas, Bryan/College Station, and San Antonio.”

The Goal of Jesus Said Love

This ministry is incredibly important. You have the opportunity to empower women and remind them they are loved, no matter their circumstance or profession. You get the opportunity to introduce them to a new future, not just for them, but their children as well (if they have them). Jesus Said Love is an organization that does not love women with strings attached, for their ministry is not based on conditions. They simply go and love. The Lord continues to bless them in their obedience.

The main goal:

  • GO: We visit strip clubs every month and bring high quality gift bags to dancers and club employees
  • LOVE: We build intentional relationships with dancers and club employees without strings attached. We love them where they are.
  • CONNECT: We connect them to helpful community and spiritual resources that empower and awaken hope.

One of the huge goals is to make sure the relationships are kept healthy. They have some people that physically go into the clubs, and have a men’s security team as well. It is important to have people who are good with the management. There are people who specifically love on the bouncers, and even the DJ’s that spin there! Not one person at the strip clubs goes unnoticed and unloved.

The loving includes baking, hospitality, child care and so much more. These women just need some help sometimes, who doesn’t? Connecting is the social work aspect. It connects them to resources: doctor, lawyer, colleges, education, etc. All of those things are needed in this ministry. If you are BREATHING you are qualified. You never know what could be needed! When it comes to reaching out to people involved with strip clubs (bouncers, DJ’s, strippers themselves) it’s all about creating relationship.

Get Involved

They have a LOVE team that is a great place to start! It’s a group of both men and women that make up multiple teams. Within each team, they put together gift bags for club outreaches, gather for times of prayer on outreach nights and assist with JSL events such as dancer baby showers, and help accomplish many other things that may come up! The LOVE team is just as important as the people going into the clubs. Everyone plays a part!

To volunteer, go to!

The Immigrant Plight

Movement Day Greater Dallas designed to inform and encourage participants to approach the immigration issue as Jesus might.

Two thousand kids are coming to be “housed” in Dallas by the end of July. This presents an amazing opportunity for local churches to come alongside the local Dallas government to “welcome” these displayed kids. They will need everything including volunteers.

-Brian J Considine, Ethnic Embrace USA Director

Movement Day Greater DallasAs Dallas currently considers the plight of 2,000 immigrant children from Mexico, Greater Dallas is also a magnet for immigrants coming to America from around the world. In fact, 44 percent of the Dallas-Fort Worth population is comprised of first or second generation immigrants, making the Metroplex the largest recipient of refugees of any metropolitan area in the nation.

Movement Day Greater Dallas is a multi-denominational Christ-based initiative that was kicked off earlier this year, when approximately 1400 leaders from the Metroplex Christian community came together to tackle a number of significant issues and discuss what might be done to make a tangible difference within the next five years. Their singular goal was to provide real solutions to real problems.  One of the issues covered during the event was how the Dallas faith community can work in unison to help new immigrants coming into the area.

“The needs of the immigrant are many and diverse,” points out Brian Considine, leader for the immigration track at the first Movement Day Greater Dallas and director of Ethnic Embrace, USA, a multi-denominational prayer initiative.  “Think about what you would need to go live in a foreign land,” Considine suggests.  “A land where you don’t know the language, the culture, how to navigate the city where you live, and where you know no one else.  What kind of stresses would you face? How long would it take you to acclimate to your new home?” This ‘put yourself in the other fellow’s shoes’ kind of thinking is important, Considine feels, because before we can help anyone else, we need to be able to understand the problem from their perspective.

There are already services being offered to immigrants, ranging from basic life skills to learning English as a second language, and Considine cautions any church to be keenly aware of that fact. Before starting a new program geared at helping local immigrants, he urges church leaders to first see who else may be already offering such a service and if one is already available, then offer to work as a partner, not a competitor.

Quick to recognize that the largest single group of new immigrants into the Dallas area are still coming from Mexico, Considine believes this poses challenges of “welcoming the stranger” that touch on both economic and political issues. He stresses, however, that what first must be understood about these immigrants is that they are all people: People whom God loves dearly and does not consider to just be statistics.

“Primarily, what church leaders must do,” he says, “is encourage their congregation to open their eyes and hearts to the beautiful mosaic of people.  We do that best by entering their world, going to where they are and serving their needs.”

Immigrants cut across every socioeconomic sphere in the Greater Dallas area. Incoming immigrants range from refugees arriving with nothing but the clothes on their backs to medical and IT professionals already earning significant incomes when they arrive.  While there are many statistics regarding immigrants, Considine believes the most compelling is that in the DFW area there are more than 2.5 million people who are “unclaimed” by any Christian denomination or tradition. “That number includes a growing population of Muslims, Hindus, Buddhist Sikhs or other non-Christian immigrants, along with a general unchurched population,” he points out.

“When Jesus sent his disciples out into the world, he first told them two things: They were to serve those in need and say to them ‘The kingdom of God has come near to you.’  With the most recent populations of these ‘New Americans’ coming from places where Jesus is not known,” Considine adds, “our emphasis must be on making disciples. That fact is we cannot transform a city without first transforming the hearts of the people of that city.”

“Many new immigrants, for various reasons, will not enter our churches or come to our buildings. Therefore, we must think as missionaries to our communities, which requires learning how to cross cultures effectively.  Training is essential but as Jesus told his disciples, the opportunity is great but the workers are few. Therefore, we must pray for more workers. Prayer, in fact, is the most important thing we can do. But then we also must anticipate becoming the answer to our own prayers.”

Due to the overwhelming success of the first Movement Day Greater Dallas, work is already underway for next year’s gathering beginning January 22, 2015. The vision of Movement Day Greater Dallas is to see “city transformation through Christian communities working together.”

The original Movement Day began in New York City under the direction Dr. Mac Pier, CEO of the New York Leadership Center in collaboration with Redeemer City to City and co-hosted by the American Bible Society. When over 50 leaders from Dallas attended the New York event, the seeds were planted for bringing Movement Day to Greater Dallas.

For more information visit .

Since 1987, The B & B Media Group, Inc. has provided specialized services that achieve the communications and public relations goals of each client. The Barnabas Agency, a division of The B & B Media Group, Inc., was formed in 2002 to come alongside ministries, organizations and individuals needing assistance and guidance with their overall public platform, strategy, branding and communications needs.

// INITIATIVE:: Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking

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It begins with worship. There was a dull roar of about 350 people. This is absolutely overwhelming, in the best possible circumstance. The worship was not contained by only chords and voices, but also by simply speaking the name, “Jesus”. The presence of His people ready to be educated and serve for his kingdom manifested in a such powerful way. Hearts prepared for the evening as Jesse Chaney set the tone for what this night was all about. Initiative is not a place that is trying to out-do the church or take people away from the church. Initiative desires to empower young people to return and help lead in the church to further the kingdom. This will especially be accomplished when hard things are addressed, solutions are sought out, and it’s decided that we are in it for the long haul.

“Jesus came and gave his life so we could live fully here. Part of that is being about his business and setting his captive free.” When your kids ask one day, “didn’t you know human trafficking was wrong? What were you doing about it?” What will you say?

Tomi Grover

Her presence was powerful. Though she is small in stature, the Lord has blessed her with a spirit and passion for people that towers over the city. TraffickStop is an educational initiative Tomi founded in 2009 to educate, advocate, and engage people on human trafficking. It is the second leading crime and precedent in the world today. We could do facts all day long. The real question is, why should we respond?

  • Reason 1: We respond because God is compassionately responding.  Just as He heard the children who were enslaved by Pharaoh in Exodus 3, He hears them now. Go meet the Lord in the desert just as Moses did and listen for his call.
  • Reason 2: We were set free from bondage of our sins. Freed people, free people. We aren’t just setting the trafficked free, but the consumers and the traffickers as well.
  • Reason 3: The future of your children depends on what you decide to do today.
  • Reason 4: Our generation is the generation of HOPE. We can manifest global change in what we choose to do with our gifts. The sanctity of human life really hangs in the balance of how we choose to act now.  HOPE (H:honor God with your life  O: Operate in your giftedness.  P: Pursue God’s agenda for freedom. PASSIONATELY pursue it. E: Engage and be empowered with great empathy for EVERYONE who has been involved in trafficking, no matter that position.)

Emily Mills

Founder and Co-executive Director of “Jesus Said Love”. A ministry that involved loving on strippers and reminding them that they’re loved by a savior. She realized this calling when she heard women speaking at a conference in Austin about sexual abuse. She was, at the time, a worship leader, singer/songwriter. She heard God say, “If the bulk of your ministry is explained on a stage, you have missed the kingdom”. She got off the platform and decided to pursue this ministry further.

Felicia Hyde

A survivor of being sexually exploited and trafficked. It is incredible to see how she has turned her set of dark circumstances into a story for in which the power of the gospel shines bright. Her home life was full of abuse, pornography and no protection. It continued into being trafficked and set up in strip clubs. But God wanted something greater for his daughter. She was rescued and went through New Friends, New Life. She is a graduate of the program and of Dallas Baptist University, has two boys, and works as a panel speaker with Frederick Douglas. Not only that, but she also helps with prison ministry and other events.

// INITIATIVE:: Refugees continued

Initiative Panel: Refugees

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Panel Questions

Question: What is one of the most practical, effective and non offensive ways to engage refugees?

It’s over 50 different people groups, in Vickery Meadows. There are some general types of kind things, but there are so many cultural things. Look into how you can view and integrate things and see how you can connect with a program already working in there.

 Question: What are the refugees most common need?

There are three things: shelter, food, and a job. It is not easy because a good majority of the time, people cannot get connected or the language barrier makes it tough. Job placement is the hardest. Jesus loves enemies. What does it look like to be a peacemaker for christ in the refugee community? It is about going in and working to see who this person is that is standing in front of you. Go in and try to understand their story; be a listener and find empathy. Weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice. Especially with people in other cultures. Learn their story. Invest in them.

Question: What are the basic needs of the children and how can we make the transition easier as they settle in and look for schools?

They want attention and they need love. Whether its the generational poverty, or the refugees, they need someone to invest in their life and tell them about Jesus.

Question: What barriers have you seen trying to minister to the children and even the parents?

There are some refugees that have been here for 5 years and it is still tough. When we try to implement Jesus in caregiving and sometimes they kind of have some push back. The children are still eager and still have the desire to hear more about Jesus.

 Question: How do we get connected to an organization? What type of mindset should we have going into it?

The mindset is the most important thing. There are so many ministries and churches in which you can get involved. Sacrifice and be selfless, ask how you can serve and remember it is about what God wants to do through people in our backyard. Tell them you want to help. Go to an organization and let them know you’re ready. Go into it with patience.

Great ways to get involved!


Free City International:

Vickery Meadows KidsClub:

Love Is Ministry:

Northwest Bible Church:

 Thank you to Northwest Bible Church for letting us use their incredible church! Also, a thank you to Brian Newby for being so involved and helpful with the event. Thank you to Jason Clarke for speaking and empowering us to act selflessly. Thank you to the other ministries that showed up. Thank you, to all that came!

// INITIATIVE:: Refugees

Initiative topic for today: Refugees

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Matthew 28:19-20: Know this: discipleship gives us four calls to action:

  • GO

The church is taking these things seriously, but we are still struggling to make disciples within the church. We want to see the world radically changed for the gospel. The fear is that we decide to start separating missions/world changing from the church. We are to remember that Jesus instituted the church and has called us to work, first and foremost, through the bride of Christ. Jesus called us to go to all the nations. Dallas is one of the top recipients of refugees, and with that being said, the nations are coming to us. They’re in our backyard, Vickery Meadows. The goal isn’t to americanize these people, but to show them Jesus Christ.

Jason Clarke

Jason Clarke with Free City International took the stage to address some of the harder parts of addressing the subject of refugees:

  1. The Global Refugee Problem.
  2. A Biblical Response to the Global Refugee Problem
  3. How We Respond Biblically 

The reality: we see massive horrible issues, we create our own response and that may not connect with what the Lord wants.

  1. Conflict and Persecution: The number one cause of refugees and it is causing a massive influx of people around the world.
    • Afghanistan
    • Iraq
    • Somalia
  2. Famine: things just will not grow if there is no one around to harvest. Most of the people driven out, originally, are leaving due to conflict, and that causes famine.
    • Somalia
    • Ethiopia
    • Kenya
  3. Disaster: hurricanes, etc.
    • China
    • India
    • Bangladesh

The people are not the problem, the other things are. Yes, there are things we can do. There are easy things we can help with: basic needs. He has made it our purpose to glorify him in the earth and pursue justice and peace where there is conflict; it is a huge part of God’s heart. We are his conduits and peace makers.

16.2 million refugees in the world.

1% are allowed to be resettled legally in a U.N. Resettlement program.

 There are only three places that outnumber Dallas in the resettling of refugees, and they are countries: Canada, Australia, and Sweden.

What is God doing in the world in the midst of this conflict? I believe he is there and everywhere–doing something. Our call is to join him. He has called us to pursue peace and justice, but we have to go with him to meet him where he is. There is war and problems everywhere so what do we do? This is a work in the spirit.

We need to engage this like Jesus did. He engaged inconveniently. He left perfection in heaven, to join us, his enemies, so that we could be restored to God. That is the best model that we could follow. We cannot affect what is happening without being selfless and giving it all. So how do I live in a crucified way? We have to think inconvenient actions. We have to keep striving to be like Christ. We act as his disciples. We have to be followers that desire so much to be like him and follow his will. We cannot effect the world if we are not acting selflessly. The world is broken. It means more than countries are at war. It means peoples lives are destroyed. The ministry of reconciliation is the thing we have been given to use and act upon. Dallas is not sitting in an un-strategic place. We are in the apex of it all where God is at work. He is there saying, “Join me!”

What are we to do?

  • Welcome the stranger
  • Seek justice
  • Build up the church
  • Make disciples
  • Feed the hungry
  • Heal the sick
  • Seek the good of the city
  • Make disciples
  • Correct oppression

A refugee, that currently lives in Vickery Meadows, came up and shared his experience with Northwest Bible church and how God is moving in his life.  It was an honor to listen to his story about his escape from all the genocide that was happening in Rwanda and the places they tried to escape to, at the time. He is now a US citizen and serving at Northwest Bible Church.