What People are Saying about Movement Day Greater Dallas

Movement Day Greater Dallas 2015 will be January 22nd at the Kay Baily Hutchison Convention Center in Downtown Dallas – http://www.MovementDayGreaterDallas.com

“I am incredibly excited to be a part of Movement Day Greater Dallas as we rally around the gospel of Jesus Christ together to see darkness pushed back in our great city.”
Matt ChandlerGDMD
Senior Teaching Pastor The Village Church

“I am honored to be part of Movement Day Greater Dallas. This is a timely gathering of serious-minded Christians who see the need for the church to engage the city and the culture. The day encourages like-minded pastors, mission agency leaders, marketplace leaders, and governmental leaders to engage each other. What we do together here will not only impact Dallas, but will create a template for other world class cities to engage the culture with the gospel.”
Dr. Jim Denison
Founder of Denison Forum on Truth and Culture

“I am elated to participate in Movement Day Greater Dallas! In order to create change in communities, it is important for individuals from diverse backgrounds and views to come together to discover, learn and share their experiences. Collaboration is critical in order to make the necessary changes for growth in our area. I look forward to seeing God’s people come together and use their faith as the foundation for building an inspired future!”
Froswa’ Booker-Drew
National Community Engagement Director US Programs, World Vision

“I’ve been a part of Movement Day NYC since its beginning and I’m convinced God is using it as a catalytic gathering and collaboration of world-changing leaders. If we are to reach the world we must reach the cities of the world and I believe Dallas has become a major global city of influence in the fulfillment of the Great Commission. I’m thrilled that Movement Day Greater Dallas is our next step toward uniting Christian leaders across all cultural domains in order to see a Gospel Movement in our city!”
Jeff Warren
Senior Pastor Park Cities Baptist Church

“I believe that Movement Day Greater Dallas is an important next step in our journey as a metropolitan faith community. I am impressed by the passion for united prayer and collaborative action.”
Pastor Jeff Jones
Senior Pastor Chase Oaks Church

“In a fast-paced world that focuses more on events with immediate results and shallow gratification, I count it a joy to have been involved in what will become a great movement of the church to impact a community for the cause of Christ and certain to reap Kingdom benefits. As churches are challenged to refocus from mundane ministry activities to having compassion and concern for ‘the least of these’ in Matthew 25, I believe that the Metroplex will see something is taking place among their midst and question, ‘What kind of a Movement is this?'”
Chris L. Simmons
Sr. Pastor Cornerstone Baptist Church, Dallas

“Movement Day Greater Dallas is an excellent opportunity to network the Christian community with City leaders to offer solutions to our city’s biggest challenges. It is about bringing the Kingdom of God very near in tangible ways. Historically, Dallas has been known to respond to the needs of her citizens, especially with regard to social and spiritual issues. Buckner International, with her rich history of serving children, seniors, and their families, is proud to be an integral part of this effort.”
Dr. Albert L. Reyes
President and CEO
Buckner International

“It is with immense optimism that I support Movement Day Greater Dallas. No one would say that our Churches have sat idly by as the moral social and spiritual fabric of our world has become stained and ragged. If we are honest, however, we will acknowledge our guilt of not working as closely together as a collective body of Christ. Movement Day Greater Dallas can serve as a galvanizing platform to begin manifesting the limitless power of Christ to empower HIS body of believers to heal HIS land, through HIS proclaimed word and our service in faith. Let us boldly gather in the name and perfect will of Christ to further ignite what our ministries are doing for all to behold HIS transforming power.”
Terry J. Flowers, Ph. D.
Executive Director
St. Philip’s School and Community Center

“I believe that Movement Day Greater Dallas is an important next step in our journey as a metropolitan faith community. I am impressed by the passion for united prayer and collaborative action.”
Pastor Jeff Jones
Senior Pastor
Chase Oaks Church

“Movement Day Greater Dallas is the most proactive conference I’ve ever experienced. It’s in the city and for the city. Not only does it gather a diversity of leaders across generations, race, and denominations, but it also convenes leaders from a diversity of occupations. Movement Day Greater Dallas puts the responsibility of city gospel transformation, not only on the Church, but Christians, clergy or lay members. I believe their empowerment of the whole Church is the missing link in a sincere, sustainable movement.”
Grant Skeldon

“Over 30 years ago, Theresa and I prayed for a great movement of God in the Dallas area as we started our ministry in Kaufman, Texas at Country Bible Church. What an honor and privilege it is to partner with area churches and business people to cooperate with God’s Spirit as He draws us together to transform Dallas for Christ.”
Chip Ingram
CEO and Teaching Pastor
Living on the Edge

“Unity in the body of Christ — it doesn’t get more powerful, and that is my favorite driving force of Movement Day.”
Bruce Kuhn
Broadway Actor and Instructor

“It is a unique moment in our city to see Christian leaders from the Church, marketplace and community to unite under one vision of seeking spiritual and social transformation in our communities. Movement Day Greater Dallas served as a catalyst to bring this movement to our city.”
Brian Carter
Senior Pastor Concord Church

“We are called to serve as God’s ambassadors on the earth. As a speaker for Movement Day, I believe this conference is a wonderful opportunity to inform, inspire, and empower my fellow ambassadors!”
Dr. K. Shelette Stewart
Director – Executive Education, SMU Cox