Awakening to God

“An inspiring book for anyone exploring the adventure of faith!” Bear Grylls, adventurer and author

“Awakening to God is a great read for anyone interested in knowing God.” Roma Downey Burnett, actor, author

In May 2014, while still grieving the suicide of his teenage son eight years prior, Gerard Long faced the accidental death of his precious daughter. Reflecting on his daughter’s tragic drowning, Long encountered a sobering parallel that shifted into high gear the urgent mission to which he has dedicated his life—a “rescue mission,” as he calls it, for people to reach out to those around them who are spiritually sinking. Although the Long family endures intense suffering, Gerard still sees hope in this life. From the brokenness flows a new passion to encourage others.

In his newest book, Awakening to God: Discovering His Power and Your Purpose (Tyndale, September 2014), Long reveals his heart and vision for widespread spiritual renewal by sharing the raw and authentic story of his own journey of life-altering awakenings. He invites readers to wake up to God’s call on their own lives. Recounting experiences he’s had, “times when God has either roused me from a spiritual slumber or has otherwise redirected my steps to be more in line with his purpose for my life,” Long illustrates how he discovered that these awakenings are essential to God’s work in the lives of every person, as well as in the movements of this world.

Gerard Long

Gerard Long





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