The People, The Land, and The Future of Israel

Dr. Mitch Glaser, president of Chosen People is available for interviews

5D16A452-1967-4F28-820D-F16739344E0EMitch Glaser, Ph.D., president of Chosen People Ministries (CPM), doesn’t believe the Holy Land conflict will be solved by political theorists or a panel of experts. The cultural differences and even spiritual pain will take deep, personal healing to resolve. Though the current ceasefire had looked hopeful for producing mutually respectful dialogue, he says, we may have run into another hurtle.

Israel’s right to land in the Middle East has always been an inflammatory topic, and Christians, who feel a unique connection with the area, are divided over how to handle the people and the politics. Dr. Glaser believes contemporary Christians are growing more sympathetic to the people in and around Israel, both Jews and Palestinians, in their hope to promote the healing needed to bring peace.

CPM reaches out to all people. They don’t oppose Muslims or Palestinians as people, knowing, as Dr. Glaser says, “the Israeli mother and the Palestinian mother both want their children to be safe.”

<5D16A452-1967-4F28-820D-F16739344E0E.png>In a new book, The People, the Land and the Future of Israel: A Biblical Theology of Israel and the Jewish People, Dr. Glaser collaborates with scholars to present “important historical, theological, and contemporary issues related to Israel and the Jewish people from numerous angles.” says Glaser.

Dr. Glaser was born into an Orthodox Jewish home in New York City. He has a Ph. D. in Intercultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary, has taught at many U.S. universities, and has traveled to Jewish communities around the world. After two of his closest Jewish friends became believers in Jesus, Dr. Glaser was introduced to the idea that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah.

He is co-recipient of Christianity Today magazine’s 2009 Award of Merit in the Apologetics/Evangelism category for the book To The Jew First: The Case for Jewish Evangelism in Scripture and History, which was co-edited with Darrell Bock. Dr. Glaser and Dr. Bock also co-edited The Gospel According to Isaiah 53, published by Kregel Press.

CPM has been working among Jewish people around the world since 1894. Dr. Glaser has served as president since 1997. Among their many initiatives, ministry workers in Israel are working with a generation about to be lost, Russian-born Holocaust survivors. In another ten years, they will be gone, carrying a burden no one should have to bear.

“Even if you don’t believe in the authority of the Bible,” he states, “this book will help readers understand historically and why evangelical Christians are motivated to support Israel.”

Talking Points:

·       How to pray for the peace of Israel
·       How Christians can support the nation of Israel
·       The future of Israel
·       Is the modern state of Israel the fulfillment of biblical prophecy?
·       Why the Christian community is divided on the topic of Israel
·       Why Israel is a “political football”
·       Remaining Holocaust survivors in areas near Gaza
·       Helping Israeli children after 90 days of going back and forth from bomb shelters
·       The next generation of Christians and their attitude towards Israel