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Initiative Panel: Refugees

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Panel Questions

Question: What is one of the most practical, effective and non offensive ways to engage refugees?

It’s over 50 different people groups, in Vickery Meadows. There are some general types of kind things, but there are so many cultural things. Look into how you can view and integrate things and see how you can connect with a program already working in there.

 Question: What are the refugees most common need?

There are three things: shelter, food, and a job. It is not easy because a good majority of the time, people cannot get connected or the language barrier makes it tough. Job placement is the hardest. Jesus loves enemies. What does it look like to be a peacemaker for christ in the refugee community? It is about going in and working to see who this person is that is standing in front of you. Go in and try to understand their story; be a listener and find empathy. Weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice. Especially with people in other cultures. Learn their story. Invest in them.

Question: What are the basic needs of the children and how can we make the transition easier as they settle in and look for schools?

They want attention and they need love. Whether its the generational poverty, or the refugees, they need someone to invest in their life and tell them about Jesus.

Question: What barriers have you seen trying to minister to the children and even the parents?

There are some refugees that have been here for 5 years and it is still tough. When we try to implement Jesus in caregiving and sometimes they kind of have some push back. The children are still eager and still have the desire to hear more about Jesus.

 Question: How do we get connected to an organization? What type of mindset should we have going into it?

The mindset is the most important thing. There are so many ministries and churches in which you can get involved. Sacrifice and be selfless, ask how you can serve and remember it is about what God wants to do through people in our backyard. Tell them you want to help. Go to an organization and let them know you’re ready. Go into it with patience.

Great ways to get involved!

Perspectives: http://www.perspectives.org/

Free City International: https://freecity.org/

Vickery Meadows KidsClub: http://www.northwestbible.org/newsevents/calendar/vickery-kids-club/254951855/

Love Is Ministry: http://www.loveisministry.org/

Northwest Bible Church: http://www.northwestbible.org/outreach/serve/grid/

 Thank you to Northwest Bible Church for letting us use their incredible church! Also, a thank you to Brian Newby for being so involved and helpful with the event. Thank you to Jason Clarke for speaking and empowering us to act selflessly. Thank you to the other ministries that showed up. Thank you, to all that came!



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