// INITIATIVE:: FROG, Tattoos, and Prayer

FROG, Tattoos, and Prayer

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Written by: Mallory Bingaman

I like to think back to the really ridiculous stickers that said, “F.R.O.G. (Fully Rely on God)”. I genuinely thought they were so cool, but I also like frogs. So, honestly, I am not sure if I really grasped the phrase, or just enjoyed frog stickers. Now, I am in college. I have tattoos representing Jesus and we just love crosses on jewelry and t-shirts these days. I question a lot if I really rely on God as much as I present myself to. We can post millions of pictures of us having a quiet time on Instagram, but until we are truly connecting with Christ, it is useless. I am not sure if we grasp the idea of fully relying on God or if we just like the idea of it all.

Fully relying on God in our mission, your mission is pointless without Him. First off, acknowledge the fact that he gave you this mission. Your passion, the thing that fuels you, it was given to you by the creator. God is the only one who can carry out miracles to see this world change for the for his glory. To think that we can accomplish things on our own is..um. Look at it this way: us accomplishing world change for the kingdom without God is like an infant understanding rocket science. If you remember, back in Genesis, Adam and Eve thought they could be like Him and in their pride committed the first sin. I am in constant struggle with being self-reliant. I once heard someone say,

“the things you don’t pray about are the things you don’t think God can handle; the things you can do on your own.”

Uh, ouch. That hit me in the face. Prayer is our constant communication with God. I text my friends more than I talk to God, and it’s easier and faster to just talk with God. So, it’s not like it is inconvenient. I am just wearing God as a cool sticker on my arm.

We need to stop pretending our belief in Christ is an accessory. We have the opportunity to be in constant contact with our father, creator, God. He is all powerful and all knowing. So, why is it that I am googling, “great jobs for a person with a bachelors in psychology” instead of praying and having God direct me? Why is it that when I see a world that needs Jesus I don’t go to Him first? God is our fuel. He is what keeps us going. He is the solution to the world of hurt. He is the one who will bring change. Being prayerful is living moment to moment in full dependence on the Lord. Let’s do this more. He will fulfill through us, but first, we must remember that is the only way to fulfill.

Be silent. Be prayerful, continually.



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