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Initiative thought for today: creative arts

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Questions With Our Panel:

Isaac Wimberly, Jordan Laessig, Paul Tellefsenn, Kevin Walker, Shy Speaks

Q: How can you glorify God through social media?

A: Let your life speak in the way you represent yourself. Like Francis of Assisi says, “Preach the gospel at all times, and if necessary uses words.”


Q: How do I tell when it’s time to pursue other creative endeavors?

A: The best time is when you’re comfortable where you are. It is time to move forward and challenge yourself to find something new. Sometimes, the best projects are the ones you feel unequipped for, because then you get to grow and experience new things.


Q: How do church leaders cultivate an environment that is diverse?

A: There is a certain amount of openness that our church leaders have. As young people, you have to push gently to get your leadership to be open to creativity.


Q: How do you keep your creativity as an act of worship when it serves as your job?

A: Keep your creativity as an act of worship? Look at it as an opportunity and not a job. Present your body as a living sacrifice. It is a reasonable service! It is the least that we can do!


Q: How does one creatively speak the truth in love to a culture that is so antagonistic towards God’s word?

A: You LOVE them. No matter who they are what they have done, you love them; whatever that means. It isn’t about proving ourselves to be right. It will break the divide if you just love them well with no expectations.


Q: How do you battle depression as a creative?

A: You put up a good fight in knowing that sometimes you get knocked down. Even when sometimes getting out of bed feels like the most daunting fight. I see acting on creativity as a source of putting up a good fight against darkness.


Q: I feel like being creative brings a certain type of stigma with it. How do you break that barrier?

A: “Let your freak flag fly”- Jimi Hendrix

Whatever that gift is? Let it fly and do not worry about stigma. The best creatives are the ones that are willing to go with those instincts no matter what and that’s God given.


Q: How were you able to distinguish your talent? Is it because others affirm you or did you always know?

A: What I am called to do and what I am good at are different. God will equip you for what your calling is. It is sometimes affirmed by others in encouragement, and that is a huge part, but another huge part is knowing what God has given you and what he as for you to carry out.


Q: What are some ways to foster creativity?

A: Be around people who are similar to you, but just creatives. Allow others to spark ideas in you through different perspectives.


Q: How do creatives stay humble in opportunities and not be jealous of other creatives?

A: Truly, in your heart, enjoy other people’s art. Even if they are further along than you or wishing you were on their mantle. Sit back and mentally tell yourself, “I enjoy this” Face the jealousy head on.


Q: How have you been able to be creative when you’re placed in an environment where creativity is not made to flow?

A: There are places where I don’t feel inspired and new things were not being created and it was difficult. I was inspired by going out and driving through different places. Be inspired by God’s creation, because his beauty is everywhere.


Q: What is the biggest need for creators in Dallas?

A: I view our mission is to make the city a better city, because the arts makes the city vibrant and diverse. We need more harmony with our people, as well. We bring unity and make our city come alive. Bring creativity, open mindedness and ideas of how to make this city better.


Q: What is the one thing you would tell creatives in Dallas?

A: CREATE. Go into the city and work on your craft and express them for the glory of God.

Organizations at the Event:

Mercy Street | www.mercystreetdallas.org

Forge America | www.forgeamerica.com

Art House Dallas |  www.arthousedallas.com

Union Coffee | www.uniondallas.net

Socality |  www.socality.org



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