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Initiative thought for today: creative arts

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A lot of us complain about Dallas, but if we don’t love our city how are we going to love our neighbor? Are you going to invest or are you going to complain? If you’re here, you’re either going to leave or you’re going to stay and do work where he’s put you. [Acts 17:26]

Mike Rawlings, Mayor of Dallas, has a huge interest in bringing the arts community back, because he knows that creative communities bring life to the city.

First it was God and us in the garden, together. Then it was God for us. Jesus came down and it was God with us. Jesus died, the spirit came into us as believers and we became the presence of God. Now, it is God in us. That is why we are here to represent an incredible God.

68% of non-believers believe that church and Christians are boring. Jesus, the one that rose from the grave, is in us and using us. Our God walked on water, turned water into wine, defeated death, is any of that boring? BORING PEOPLE DON’T CHANGE THE WORLD. So, why are we boring when our savior is not?

Isaac Wimberley  | Worship Pastor with The Village Church / Spoken Word Artist / Creator

I am imagining God, before time began, perfectly completely. The trinity enjoying each other and alive. They are complete and in need of nothing. The triune God in their completeness begin to CREATE. In Genesis it tells us that God was in the beginning and he created something from nothing. From there, he began to paint day and night, earth and sky, water and land, and all of creation.

Then God created man and woman. (Gen 1:27)

Initiative Dallas ISAACQUOTE 300x300

Creation is an expression in response to God’s completeness. They create as an expression in a response of their own completeness. In the IMAGE of God create as an expression in response to God’s completeness. Be in response of the movement of God in your life, no matter what season. We are, as creatives, to express in response to the completeness of God.

  • Genesis 2:23- When Adam awakes, he finds that God has created woman from his side. In Adam’s response to the creation of Woman, he sings of God’s ways. SINGS!

  • Exodus 15- Moses is being chased out by and is leading his people away from pharaoh. Then the Lord splits the water of the sea for his people to allow them passage to safety. Then the people sing in rejoicing to his goodness.

  • 1 Samuel 2- Hannah talking on the birth of samuel, she commits him to the Lord. Hannah is in worship and creativity in response to the Lord’s goodness and movement. She expresses in poetry form.

  • Psalm 51- The song of David, when Nathan the prophet comes to him about Bathsheba, is in response to God’s mercy and kindness on David. David completely open and exposed in his sin, and the movement of God has sought him out. So, David shouts out and responds in his conviction in poetry form.

  • Luke 1- Mary finds out she is pregnant with no husband by her side, but exalts the Lord for his good works. She shouts out and magnifies the Lord in complete rejoicing.

  • Acts 16.25- Paul and Silas are in jail. They were praying and singing in jail. There was an earthquake that broke the bonds and chains. It shook the jail and opened the gates.

Since the beginning of time, we have seen those who have expressed in response to the Lord and his completeness and majesty. So as creatives, we are to pour into the talent, the gift, because God deserves that worship. Book the shows. Take the photos. Sing the songs. It is on you to pour into that to give right back to Him. He is worth the time it takes to perfect and release into it. Tell him the TRUTH.

DALLAS NEEDS JESUS. Jesus doesn’t need to be watered down. Jesus stands on his own and so you tell them, but you tell them the truth. If your life has been changed and you tell how, why, when, that story is powerful. Whatever stage you end up on or whatever mantle the Lord has given you. Just kill that mantle and worship in freedom; don’t be jealous of other people’s mantles. Handle your mantle, and let others worry about their own while you handle the one right in front of you. We do not need to worry about how loud our voice is or isn’t let God take care of that and how far it carries. Let the Lord take care of it and trust him fully. When the Lord saves, he changes everything about you. He gives you the ability to see things differently. So, tell them. I want to see your photos, hear your story. So tell them, but tell them the truth.



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