It's Important We Do Something

An estimated 80% of high school graduates leave (or have left) the Church. We want to help the local church reverse this trend and to captivate young people with the love of God in the power of the Holy Spirit. Based on Canada’s growth, we have a unique opportunity to reach thousands of students over the next few years. We are sharing this opportunity with our Alpha family and friends and ask that you to pray in the spirit of Luke 10:2 that God would raise up laborers for this harvest. We invite you to join us to reach students across this country.


Recent research shows 26% of YFS attendees in the US began or restored a relationship with Jesus Christ. One leader said: “Alpha has been the greatest tool we have ever used.” We are praying and working to see the YFS integrated into student ministries across the country because:

  1. Tens of thousands of students will be healed, restored and renewed by a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ;
  2. Parents and families will be transformed by the change in their children;
  3. Thousands of churches, organizations and communities will be forever changed by God.


Our plan is to continue Rebecca’s work to share the story of what God is doing through the YFS via video, social media, training and many other ways. Our total investment need over the next 18 months to build, promote and sustain the youth ministry is $500,000.

Please will you consider becoming an Alpha Partner for Youth Alpha? Recurring gifts enable us to train and support churches and groups starting and running the YFS. Monthly support of $1,000, $500, $250, $100, $50, or other denomination are welcome. One time gifts are welcome too.

click here to donate Click and select “Youth (Rebecca Long)” on the drop-down menu and follow the instructions for recurring giving or a one-time gift. If you are already a monthly partner, consider increasing your monthly gift by contacting us

Why Alpha
More than 24 million people around the world have experienced Alpha. It is one of the best tools available for people to explore and to share their faith. Barna and other research indicates that approximately 50% of those who attend an Alpha course make a commitment or re-commitment to Jesus Christ.

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