Meghan’s Story

An Exceprt from Shannon Deitz, “Just Show Up”:

Just Show UpToday I want to highlight a survivor’s story…”Meghan” is an anonymous woman who has been following the blog and decided she wanted to share her story even though she is still in the midst of the battle.  I find that hers is one that many could relate to, because it points 0ut the subtlety of abuse.


You do not know me. I’d melt into a sea of faces, nothing special I’m afraid. I am normal by today’s standards; a hard working, busy mom who hides her dysfunctions successfully. I’ve acquired the doting husband, the two children and the white picket fence. The American dream is mine, according to many. Yet they do not know the secrets I hold.

I am a professional peacemaker, a master illusionist and an accomplished dancer in the tangled steps of marriage to an emotional abuser. I am frequently on the edge of disaster, exhausted and don’t know how I can face another day. I have had to dismiss sexual abuse as proof of devotion, physical venting as a normal means of letting anger out and emotional put downs as protection from pride. Read more- click here.



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