The Winter Olympic Games – Interesting Facts

Here are some interesting facts about the Winter Olympics that may surprise you provided by News 360:

1. The Winter Olympic games were first held in Chamonix, France in the 1924.

2. There were only eleven women competing in the first Winter Olympics. This poor representation of sports women has changed dramatically, and women are now top competitors in Winter Olympic Sports.

3. There were only sixteen countries participating in the first Winter Olympics and a total of two hundred and eighty five athletes were involved in the games.

4. The Winter Olympics is a modern name given to the games. It was first called, The International Winter Sports Week and it lasted for eleven days.

5. The Winter Games have awarded many medals to several different nations, but Norway has the distinction of having the most medals with a total of 263. Cross country skier Bjørn Daehlie of Norway has won the most Winter Olympic medals, winning a total of twelve medals.

6. In 1988 history was made when the Caribbean island of Jamaica, a country known for its tropical climate competed in the bobsled event. They borrowed sleds from other countries in order to compete. They did not win any medals and ended up crashing, but their determination and bravery was celebrated and their attempts were made into a movie called Cool Runnings.

7. The Sochi games of 2014 is set to be the most expensive games in history, costing a record 51 billion dollars and having a total of eleven venues.

8. Eddie Eagan is the only athlete to win gold at the summer and winter games. He won a gold medal for lightweight boxing at the 1920 Summer games and then won gold again as part of a four man bobsled team at the 1934 Winter Olympic games held in Lake Placid.

9. All the Gold medals at the Sochi games will contain 516 grams of silver and 16 grams of gold.


The Winter Olympic Games – Interesting Facts

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