GDMD 2014 in Review

Tim KellerAttendees had the opportunity to hear from leaders of major organizations already deeply invested in the growth and revitalization of the city and who provided wisdom and counsel to attendees while urging them to join the movement. A few of the organizations featured in the main sessions included Bravelove, Serve West Dallas, Denison Forum on Truth & Culture and Explore God. Other local leaders included the senior pastor at Concord Church, Dr. Bryan Carter, president of Buckner International, Dr. Albert Reyes, World Vision Community Engagement Director Froswa’ Booker-Drew, Trey Bowles, Byron Sanders and Grant Skeldon.

Bruce Kuhn, Broadway Actor & StorytellerSpeakers spoke with influence, primarily because they came with experience in leading authentic change among their own communities. Dr. Albert Reyes, provided insight into the tangible ways that gospel movements may begin. His phrase, “good will, good words and good works” was repeated and tweeted by numerous attendees.

Jon Edmonds, director of Austin Street Shelter, informed participants of their personal responsibility to love their city enough to use their gifts to change it. He said, “…each believer in the power of the Gospel is held accountable to the individual gifts, talents and treasures given to them by God. Long-lasting change starts with God and ends with you.”

In a personal message via video, Mayor Mike Rawlings stated “Dallas needs this,” and went on to say that Greater Dallas Movement Day will bring about lasting change in the city.

In the culmination of the day’s activities, a call for action among attendees was issued. Goals were set and people were equipped to accelerate what is already being done in Greater Dallas. The conference was successful in initiating collaboration among city leaders and providing a way for participants to unite in collective diversity for a common purpose.

You may connect with Greater Dallas Movement Day through their website, and become part of the continued action throughout 2014 designed to bring lasting change to Greater Dallas.

Greater Dallas Movement Day 2015 is already set for January 22, 2015 at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Center.


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