Mind the Gap

GDMDA featured track at Movement Day empowers participants in this New Year to experience community outside their comfort zone

Facilitating collaborative partnerships is a specialty of The New York City Leadership Center and an important part of the interactive learning tracks at Movement Day. The participants in the Innovative Churches track spoke highly of the wisdom that Senior Pastor, Ray Johnston of Bayside Church shared with them. They noted his impactful remarks while teaching through the first chapter of Acts. Specifically, he discussed three characteristics of an effective witness of Christ—community wide approach to outreach, credibility with the entire community, and concrete evidence for the cause of Christ. These characteristics describe leaders that we need in order to transform good cities into truly great cities. Discussions that occurred among the track attendees focused on the reality that we need more leaders that follow this model. After fruitful group dialogue, the attendees formed a mission statement– to return to their homes with a faithful ambition to saturate their communities with the gospel. They decided on 4 attributes necessary to effectively achieve this mission: active listening to the community, aligning with the community’s needs and perspectives, taking action to meet these needs and perspectives, and repeating this process to ensure long lasting change and support.

One participant even noted a plan of action for when they return home,
“I am leaving this conference with a plan of action. This plan is to create a unified network for young Christians in order to mobilize them in Dallas, very similar to what I saw in New York with those who attended the conference. There is no organization among young people, so they are often left out. With the insight I gained from this track, I can confidently engage and guide my community towards unity among the young Christians in my city.”

Realistically speaking, this track was invaluable to the group that attended, but also to their various communities. They were empowered and equipped by the example of the leaders representing these local churches, but also the group conversation they engaged in. The churches and other leaders in the track laid a firm foundation to encourage attendees to implement faithful service in their communities that would bring their church outside of its building, and into the communities of the cities they live in.
About The New York City Leadership Center

The vision of The New York City Leadership Center is to become a model of Christian leaders impacting the spiritual and social climate of an urban center.  Our mission is to exponentially increase the leadership effectiveness of ministry and marketplace leaders. Please visit our website at http://www.NYCLeadership.com.

Register here.

Dallas, the Church will leave the building this JANUARY 23rd!

Greater Dallas Movement Day 2013


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