Inspiration in Dallas

Rev. Dr. Tim Keller, Senior Pastor- Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York, NY

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In 1989 Dr. Timothy J. Keller, his wife and three young sons moved to New York City to begin Redeemer Presbyterian Church. In 20 years it has grown to meeting for five services at three sites with a weekly attendance of over 5,000.

Poverty. Hunger. Crime. Child Neglect. A Broken Education System. The problems can seem insurmountable, but each grim statistic also offers an opportunity to transform individuals and communities with the love of Jesus Christ.

“The Greater Dallas area is at a crossroads. Given the growing racial, social, and spiritual diversity, it is urgent to bring a critical mass of the Dallas Christian community together to foster visible unity, hear the same research, and co-create and further best practices that will impact the city.” Pier says. “We believe that the Movement Day model that catalyzed such remarkable growth in Manhattan will bring similar results in Greater Dallas.”

Why does Dallas need a gospel movement? The facts and statistics speak for themselves:

  • 90 % of Dallas ISD graduates are not college ready
  • The number of North Texans seeking help from food pantries or soup kitchens each week has risen 80 % since 2006.
  • 29.3% of children in Dallas County, more than 190,000 children total, live in

families below the federal income poverty level.

  • 44% of the residents in DFW are first or second generation immigrants in need of church connection.
  • 25% of all international human trafficking victims in America are in Texas.
  • Dallas is home to the largest refugee population in the U.S.

Greater Dallas Movement Day

Dallas Convention Center

January 23, 2014

9 AM -5 PM

For more information, a complete list of afternoon sessions, and to register for GDMD, visit



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