The Great Mystery – Knowing the Deep Unknown

Bonnie’s faith while facing her nightmare reminds us that each of us can trust God with our faith, when our feet fail, the waters are turbulent, when a mountain looks too steep to climb, and when our heads are barely above the waves.

-Kimberly Bloom

shout+lifestyle+magazine+logoRead more of Kimberly’s interview with Bonnie in Shout Lifestyle Magazine.

As a speaker, Bonnie has shared her story with thousands of people across the country. Many of them can relate to the obstacles she overcame early in life. Bonnie was a young teenager when her parents divorced and her beloved father left. By the time she reached her 20s, she had grown accustomed to a feeling of abandonment. “It was obvious when people leave me, they don’t come back.” Bonnie remembers.  “Every boy or man I had ever loved had broken my heart. With a track record like that, I was in desperate need for unconditional love.” Bonnie finally found the love she was looking for when reading the Bible; her daily efforts to share the promise of that love with others are the common threads woven through each chapter of Bound to a Promise and what drives Bonnie in her life today.

BoundToAPromiseCoverBound to a Promise

By Bonnie Floyd

Creative Enterprises Studio, Publisher


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