Inspirational Speakers in Dallas, TX this January!

Mac Pier, President, The New York City Leadership Center, Long Island City, NY

Mac PierMac Pier is Founder and CEO of The New York City Leadership Center whose core strategy is to focus on training ministry and marketplace leaders who collaborate on innovative initiatives in Greater New York. These initiatives include the Movement Day Congress and the NYC Movement Project.

Mac has incubated three collaborative projects with the Willow Creek Association(Global Leadership Summit), Redeemer Presbyterian Church (church planting) andWorld Vision (child sponsorship) which became the largest of their type of any city in the nation. Prior to the launch of the Center, Mac was the founder and former president ofConcerts of Prayer where he initiated and promoted a historic movement of corporate prayer for the city, nation and world. Mac and his team have developed a church network of 2,000 churches.

Mac’s latest book, Consequential Leadership (InterVarsity Press), was released in May 2012. Mac is also the author of Spiritual Leadership in the Global City (New Hope Publishers, September 2008) and co-author of The Power of a City at Prayer (Pier and Sweeting, InterVarsity Press, September 2002). He and his wife Marya have three grown children and live in Flushing, Queens.

Coming to Dallas this JANUARY!

Greater Dallas Movement Day 2013

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