A Search for Purple Cows


One Woman’s journey from Abuse to Answered Prayers

Susan CallIn her debut memoir A Search for Purple Cows (Guideposts Books, October 1, 2013) inspirational author and speaker Susan Call records her excruciating experience as a victim of spousal abuse. Despite continual threats that she would never be allowed to escape alive, Call was eventually able to break away from the abusive marriage and has since established a new life for herself and her children.  Remarkably, she has even managed to maintain a peaceful and workable relationship with her ex-husband. Clearly having made what she feels was the right choice in her own life, she now willingly shares her experience in hope of letting others know that, with God¹s help and by being willing to change focus, breaking free of a limited life is truly possible.

³Overcoming any obstacle requires that we figure out where to put our focus,² Call said. ³In life, so many people focus on their pain, their problems and their hurts. On a really difficult day in my family¹s life, we had somebody say to us, just trying to cheer us up, ŒBe sure to look for purple cows.¹ A purple cow is something that no one has ever seen or experienced and that¹s exactly how life works. If you look beyond what you believe is possible, that is when you can really embrace life.
³Regardless of what may be keeping us imprisoned,² Call assures, ³we have a loving God who longs to set us free. He¹s just waiting for us to turn our eyes and minds to Him.²
A Search for Purple Cows by Susan Call
Guideposts Books / October 1, 2013

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