Looking Beyond the Darkness for Hope

Author shares her journey from emotional abuse to answered prayers

Susan CallDespite feelings of uneasiness quickly dismissed as bridal jitters, the young bride pledged her life and love to her betrothed in a fairy tale wedding held in the autumn of 1991. As she stepped from the church into the bright sunshine of her new life, she had no idea she was walking straight into an abusive nightmare that would soon take control of her life. 
In her debut memoir A Search for Purple Cows (Guideposts Books, October 1, 2013) inspirational author and speaker Susan Call recounts her excruciating experience as a victim of spousal abuse. The title taken from a remark made by one of her helpers as she and her children made their escape, the book is a well-crafted account of how the author became entrapped in a life-threatening marriage and the escalating process through which her husband¹s abuse intensified over the years. With unrestricted candor, she shares the story of her troubled marriage and its demise.
Awarded the grand prize in the 2012 Inspiring Voices Book Publishing Contest, A Search for Purple Cows is far from being a bitter tale of woeful abuse and betrayal. It is a story of faith, surrender and total forgiveness. Call offers readers a firsthand accounting of God¹s remarkable ability to make all things work for good for those who trust him.
³We were absolutely blown away by Susan Call¹s courageous story ­ it was so personal and powerful, and an incredible inspiration for women everywhere,² said Guideposts Books editorial director, David Morris. ³We are honored to have the opportunity to help bring Call¹s heartfelt memoir to the world.²
A Search for Purple Cows by Susan Call
Guideposts Books / October 1, 2013

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