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New film explores whether evolution is based on fact or faith


In Evolution vs. God, Comfort interviewed scientists at top universities, asking for observable evidence of Darwinian evolution. The result is an eye-opening film that claims to “debunk” evolution. “Children are being deceived into believing that things we can observe today—like adaptation, DNA, and fossils—are proof of evolution when they are not.” These issues and more are explained in a Companion Guide to the video.

“When children are taught there is no God who created them,” Comfort adds, “they deny a moral standard established by the Creator. The consequences on society are enormous—as the nightly news attests.”

Evolution vs. God may be freely viewed on www.EvolutionVsGod.com.

Ray Comfort is available for interviews. He has spoken on the subject of atheism at Yale and other prestigious universities, debated atheists on ABC’s “Nightline,” and was a platform speaker at the American Atheists, Inc. National Convention. He has written over 70 books including How to Know God Exists: Scientific Proof of GodGod Doesn’t Believe in Atheists, The Atheist Test (booklet—over one million copies sold), and You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence But You Can’t Make Him Think.

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gv2xbXkAfs

Full movie: http://evolutionvsgod.com


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