Kingdom Racing and INDY 500 TrackFest

Kingdom RacingKeystone events don’t come along very often, but when they do, they shine so brightly that their brilliance will not be forgotten.

This was the case for the first annual Indy 500 TrackFest featuring the Give Me Jesus tour sponsored by Kingdom Racing. As our founder George del Canto proclaimed, “this was a watershed event in the history of Kingdom Racing!”

The way the event came together was nothing short of seeing God work miracles. “At the beginning of the season, we’d planned on having some sort of fan festival at Indianapolis and established a committee to begin putting it together. What happened next was nothing short of astonishing.” commented team director Charles West.

mg_0165It took one telephone call to the right person at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to set the whole event in motion. The IMS folks were looking for a headliner event on Mother’s Day and Kingdom Racing was looking to promote something similar. After that call, the team was was working hand in hand with IMS officials to secure entertainment for the event when another telephone call produced an open date for the national Give Me Jesus tour featuring Building 429, the Rhett Walker Band, Finding Favour, and Carlos Whittaker. All that remained was putting the small details in place. It is without a doubt that God put all of the pieces together for this event to happen so smoothly.


Mother’s Day at IMS began with an autograph session featuring George del Canto, Simon Pagenaud, and Tristan Vautier. The turnout was absolutely incredible. One fan attended wearing a Kingdom Racing hat. When asked where he got it, he mentioned he’d bought it at a local yard sale. God works in interesting ways.

ConcertFollowing the autograph session, there was a personal garage tour to several band members and their support personnel before heading back to the Pagoda Plaza for a Q&A session with George del Canto, Davey Hamilton, and Sam Schmidt narrated by local Indianapolis television anchor, Rich Nye of WTHR 13.


When the concert began, race fans gathered around the stage. There was a steady presence of at least 200 people taking in the TrackFest concert.

Each band spent time between songs proclaiming the name of Jesus Christ over the powerful PA system used for the event, and as the concert ran late, the music and message was so forcefully loud that it could still be heard over the IMS press conferences taking place on live television. There is no telling how many people were reached with the message of Christ because of this.

Signings At the end of the day, everyone was tired but reinvigorated with a new fire to spread the Gospel, those associated with the bands gained a new appreciation for INDYCAR racing, and several hundred, if not thousands, of people heard the Name of Names proclaimed in one of the largest sporting arenas in the world.

Stay tuned for stories from the Miles of Smiles program at the Indy 500!!

 Check out photos from the 2013 Indy 500 TrackFest: CLICK HERE


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Diane Morrow


Diane Morrow



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