Rebuilding Rwanda

We received word from our dear friend in Rwanda! Serge is a survivor and a rebuilder how his homeland. Here’s his update this week:

Family, friends and partners,

I pray and trust that this email finds you all happy and well!

It was so good to hear from so many of you, your prayers and encouraging notes keeps me going. Moreover, I am encouraged by what God is doing here in Rwanda. I feel disconnected because I do not get a chance to update you all on daily basis. I have not been able to keep you posted because sometimes when internet is available I am busy working on the children’s home, and when I am off of work I have no access to the internet. I want to update you about two points and most important.

1.      Our Children’s home is almost done and we are in the last stage of construction. We are expecting it to be completed by the 07/14/2013. Moreover, I am attaching some of that house’s pictures for you to see it.

2.      So far I have met most of the leaders who will help us identify the most vulnerable children will live in our children’s home. Moreover, on the 07/14th/2013 we will have several activities with children in order to promote disciple making in the area where our children’s home is located. Also, we have identified Good Samaritan who will live with those Angels and take care of them.

I still have a lot to tell you but, I know time is expensive and that is why I should probably stop here.

I will love to hear from you and I hope that you will continue to pray for this endeavor. Please feel free to ask me should you have any questions or concerns. Thank you and blessings!

Serge Gasore Sr.

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