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Graduate of NYCLC Fellows ProgramNEW YORK CITY—Launched in 2010, the results of the NYC Leadership Fellows program are impressive. One recent alumnus used the strategic plan presentation she created to pitch an idea to an existing board of directors in a nearby city. They not only voted to incorporate her proposal into their organization, they hired her to come along with it.

Another graduate stated, “Despite my 14 years of managerial experience, I had no idea the course would be as immediately relevant as it was. It’s totally amazing. What a gift this program has been.”

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By providing access to experts that encourage innovative approaches to problem-solving, The Leadership Fellows Program is innately designed to cultivate leadership effectiveness. Once armed with new knowledge and new techniques, the graduating Fellows are able to establish new benchmarks in their organizations, serving as models for others to follow.

“I first heard about The Leadership Fellows Program in 2012,” said Ray Villegas, director of Youth for Christ, NYC. “I attended my first sample class in February of 2013 and again in March. I found the meetings so valuable that I signed up for the 2013-2014 class. I also learned about the strategic plans the participants were working on and realized it was exactly what I needed now to launch my ministry. I decided to work on my own strategic plan.  I presented it to my board of advisors and they approved it!  I am so thankful for The New York City Leadership Center and The Leadership Fellows Program for the invaluable help they gave me. I am looking forward to being strengthened as a leader through this valuable ministry.”

Mac Pier, founder and president of The New York City Leadership Center understands how Villegas feels. “Whenever God gets ready to do something, He raises up a leader,” Pier said. “As ministry, non-profit and marketplace leaders increase their ability to lead, they will naturally have an impact on the spiritual and social climate across the urban landscape. Through the Leadership Fellows Program, vibrant new leaders like Villegas are emerging.”

Applications for the 2013-2014 Leadership Fellows Program are now being accepted online at www.nycleadership.com.  Church leaders, school superintendents, hospital CEOs, etc. — influencers within the non-profit and ministry sectors are encouraged to apply. Meetings are held monthly from October through June.



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