A New Springtime for Catholics


Discovered Through Catholics Come Home

A Q&A with Tom Peterson

God has a wonderful plan in store for you. God wants you to be happy. He wants you to experience His unfailing compassion. He wants you to feel the warmth of mercy and to share His love with others. God wants you to know that you exist for a reason.

Pope Francis is really a game changer; people love him and are responding in a positive way to the Church. Springtime is a time for renewal- new revelations. If faith has not been on your radar, you have nothing to lose by taking another look at faith. Take your family to church. Rediscover faith.            

-Tom Peterson

homeHow did Catholics Come Home start and what exciting things are happening at CCH?

CCH began following a retreat I attended in 1997. I had a profound spiritual awakening on that retreat, while praying in front of the Eucharist.  Some would call it a reversion, some a conversion. Prior to that retreat, I was just a busy businessman, who went to Mass every Sunday, but didn’t take my faith that seriously.  After the retreat, I felt and understood God’s love for me, His plan for my happiness and His purpose for my life.

We have had a huge social media response so far this spring:

  • CCH virally reached almost 500,000 people during the WEEK of Pope Francis’ election with posts about the pope being shared rapidly and widely
  • 9% increase in followers of our Facebook page during month of Pope Francis’ election
  • An average of 22,000 people “talking about” (sharing posts, having discussions on our Facebook page, etc.) CCH and the election of Pope Francis each week during month of his election
  • 1 million viewers of CCH evangomericalsTM in The Bible miniseries on History Channel, with 75,000 inquiries.

How does CCH help?

We are all so busy with hectic schedules and demands for our time that many of us drift away from faith. Family pressures, loss of hope, distractions and stress …Nearly 75% of baptized Catholics don’t attend Mass regularly or at all. Secularism and atheism is rapidly taking over families. We have seen a dramatic rise in suicides, and that is very disturbing. God has a plan for each of us…He wants us to thrive, not just survive.  God wants us to be happy!

Why do you think people do not live out their faith?

Most tell us it was their busy schedules, getting out of habit, drifting away during college.  10% drift due to divorce and mistakenly thinking they can’t come back afterwards. A small percent are not in agreement with the teachings with the Church and left over those issues.  So many people settle for life of unhappiness and sin vs. living like Christ taught in order to reach the greatest reward that lasts forever…spending eternity with God in the paradise of heaven.

         About the author

images-1TOM PETERSON is the founder of VirtueMedia.org and CatholicsComeHome.org. He lecturers frequently and has given presentations to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishop;, Australian Media Conference and Australian Bishops Plenary Meeting; and at various Pontifical Councils at the Vatican. Tom and his apostolates have been featured in nearly two hundred media venues worldwide, including multiple appearances on Fox News and EWTN.


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