Our winter weather is finally thawing….our hearts too

A New Springtime for Catholics Discovered Through Catholics Come Home

It has been a long winter, and just after Cinco de Mayo, we are finally warming up in the states! Our purposeful plans seem to freeze in the stagnancy of winter. We wait and wait for spring, and before you know it we are in the sweltering summer sun. Are you still waiting for winter to thaw, to see some movement and growth in your life? If you like “The Purpose Driven Life- you will also like “Catholics Come Home.” There is more to life than the old daily grind. The sun is coming out, finally. Time to come home.


A Q&A with Tom Peterson

God has a wonderful plan in store for you. God wants you to be happy. He wants you to experience His unfailing compassion. He wants you to feel the warmth of mercy and to share His love with others. God wants you to know that you exist for a reason.

Pope Francis is really a game changer; people love him and are responding in a positive way to the Church. Springtime is a time for renewal- new revelations. If faith has not been on your radar, you have nothing to lose by taking another look at faith. Take your family to church. Rediscover faith.            

-Tom Peterson

Share some stories of what you have heard from readers of Catholics Come Home.

We have received amazing testimonies from all over the country about how CCH has restored hope, prompted spiritual renewal, an awakening to a new springtime of faith.

Current Catholics are going deeper in their faith and partake in their role in the New Evangelization.  Inactive Catholics have told us that it help them to understand and find their purpose in life, and source for true peace and happiness.  And non-Catholics have responded with stories about God’s love for humanity and miracles in everyday lives.

  • Just watching the TV when the new Pope was chosen, I found myself so excited and wanting to learn more about the Catholic Faith. My husband of 3 years is Catholic and I have been leaning towards taking classes… Watching Pope Francis speak made me feel as if I were Catholic at heart. There is something within myself that draws me to the Catholic Faith and truly want to become Catholic. God is so great. –Ann
  • My husband and I have been inspired to join the Church. –Jessica
  • My sister has been called back! We are “cradle Catholics” but she strayed away from the Faith for a few years. She feels the Holy Spirit calling her home! –Emily
  • More people are changing their mindsets about the Church now in Ghana. He’s inspiring a lot of people here! –Papa Yaw Barima Adutwum
  • I was raised In Catholic Church but after years I stop going because i got mad I didn’t like a lot of things that were going on the church, but since the moment Pope Francis has been elected I have been thinking about going back again. It’s a feeling that I have that I really can’t explain, but I am willing to try it. –Anne
  • I’ve been inspired by Pope Francis to read the Catechism and pray more so I can evangelize better via blog and social media as well as find ways to put my faith into action via service to the spiritually and materially poor. –Jenny

Please share some ideas for ways to share the faith. 

1. Ask people how you can pray for them: everyone has needs: sick relatives, job concerns, financial worries, concerns for children, etc…

2. When some asks “how are you” answer, “I’m blessed, how are you?”  This brings “God” into the conversation and opens a door for potential dialogue.

         About the author

images-1TOM PETERSON is the founder of VirtueMedia.org and CatholicsComeHome.org. He lecturers frequently and has given presentations to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishop;, Australian Media Conference and Australian Bishops Plenary Meeting; and at various Pontifical Councils at the Vatican. Tom and his apostolates have been featured in nearly two hundred media venues worldwide, including multiple appearances on Fox News and EWTN.


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