True Value

Abuse Survivor Shannon M. Deitz Inspires Teens to See Their

True Value Through God’s Eyes

Shannon DeitzNo one has more potential for building a solid sense of self-worth than those who see themselves as God sees them. Cultivated within the boundaries of biblical wisdom, self-esteem is a critical component of a happy, productive life. Shannon Deitz, author, speaker and founder of Hopeful Hearts Ministry, understands more than most people the importance of a healthy self-esteem as well as the damaging effects of its loss.  Raped twice as a teenager, she experienced firsthand how abuse can ravage self-respect and dignity.  These days, Deitz is helping teens find spiritual and emotional wholeness, no matter what tragic circumstances of life may have tried to shatter it.

Abuse can do more damage to a teen’s self-esteem than any other contributing factor. One in five teens involved in a serious relationship report some form of physical abuse, and one in four teenage girls say they were pressured by their partner to engage in sexual activities against their will. But abuse is not the only destructive force that yields feelings of self-disgust, condemnation and worthlessness. With perceptions of the ideal body image relentlessly perpetuated in the television and movie industries, along with the rapid deterioration of supportive family units, teens are feeling more inadequate, lonely and rejected than ever.

Online social media is also influencing the way teens evaluate themselves. They often determine their worth by how many followers they have on Facebook and Twitter. They worry about being tagged in ugly photos, feel bad if no one “likes’ their comments, and feel excluded from discussions or photos. Some have even been driven to pose provocatively to garner more attention.

Believe in Yourself

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