Kingdom Racing Reaching One Million Men for Jesus Christ

2013 season of INDYCAR “wins” off to roaring start

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Houston, TX—On race day, the scene is exhilarating: loudspeakers blare, the smell of burnt rubber fills the air and dozens of turbo-charged, open-wheeled race cars conquer the oval at G-force speeds. Yet off the track, it doesn’t take a checkered flag for spectators to experience the sweet taste of “victory.” In fact, to Kingdom Racing—the electrifying faith-based INDYCAR racing team—the joy of “winning” is celebrated at every race. And these victories prove profoundly, eternally significant.

KRwp3As its founder and co-owner, Houston businessman George Del Canto shares his passion for its ministry and the life-changing ways it touches hearts for God. “Our mission, to ‘Deliver God’s Word through Motorsports,’ means we’re all about winning hearts and lives for Christ.”

Kingdom Racing focuses on two dynamic outreach ministries at the race track. Miles of Smiles reaches out to individuals experiencing difficulties or loss as identified through local organizations and churches. “We treat them like rock stars,” Del Canto nods, “giving them deeply personal VIP access to the racing team for the entire day, ministering to them, loving them. To reach the entire racing community, our track-side Fan Festivals feature show cars, autograph sessions, top Christian entertainment and more—offering experiences and resources that touch people in a comfortable way, giving them an opportunity to think about God.”

Three Fan Festivals are slated for the 2013 season: leading up to the Indy 500 on May 26; in Ft. Worth on June 8; and in Houston on October 5-6. The Miles of Smiles ministry will bless individuals and families at 10 races throughout the season, kicking off March 24 in St. Petersburg, Florida, and running through October 19 with the World Championships in Fontana, California.

For more information, visit or join their fan communities at KingdomRacing on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.



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