When Life Hands you Lemons…

How do you make Lemonade when there’s nothing sweet to be found?

lemonsSometimes time takes a lot of time. It took a while for God to turn Don Jacobson’s lemons into lemonade, but in the end it was wonderfully sweet. “I began to work in Christian publishing, and the shape of my life changed forever. Now, 25 years later, I see that not being able to work with my hands forced me to work with my head and heart, and both my family and my career became better than I could ever have imagined,” states Jacobson.

“My wife, Brenda, and I know that the hardships of life have molded our characters and turned us into people we would never have been apart from the pain. Looking back, I wouldn’t trade the hardest times of my life for anything, because they led me toward something better . . . something God had planned all along.”

When he shares his lemonade story with friends, two amazing things happen. The story inspires others and gives them hope. Then, almost without fail, his friends excitedly tell him their lemonade story, and he is filled with inspiration and hope in return.

“Recently it hit me: we all have lemonade stories—so what would happen if we could share them with the people around the world who need them most?” states Jacobson. That’s the dream of the God Makes Lemonade series: to publish true stories to encourage people in sour circumstances that God is at work making lemonade.


God Makes Lemonade

Don Jacobson

Thomas Nelson

April 2013



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