| Beauty | from A S H E S

 Ash Wednesday has passed, but are you still wondering-what is Lent and why does it matter?

A couple thoughts…

Lent sets aside a time in our live each year to give space for loss and letting go. It is lets us look into the dead season of winter. We learn to face our fears of loss with the hope of what comes next. You can look at questions without answers at the moment. You can know answers might come by spring, but for now we can let them just be what they are.

Lent, is where God meets us in our own deadness…it prepares us for life in abundance. First we have to empty ourselves. We step back, give up what don’t need so we can receive what lasts for eternity. We realize who we are, where we came from, and where we return-to the dust-but the journey in between is the miracle. God meets us, breathes into our ashes, and creates beauty through our lives.


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