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Personal Journey into the Unknown Reveals Universal Principles for the Christian Life

“This was no leisurely drive; this was a trek into the wilderness,” debut author Bill Delvaux admits in his book Landmarks. Using his own poignant story of falling into and climbing out of the abyss of darkness, Delvaux speaks candidly of landmarks that chart out a journey we all must take in order to live well.


After leaving pastoral ministry, I took a job as a high school Bible teacher in a Christian school. I told everyone this would only be a one-year intermission, and then I would return to the ministry. But I soon came to realize that my quest lay there, that I was to take the truths of the Bible and find a way to connect them to the hearts of the students. It was the adventure laid out before me, one that would last for twenty years.

For those twenty years, I have also been on an inner quest, fighting through all that assaulted me in my early years that nearly took me down. Along the way I became aware of the landmarks written about here. And that has now opened up a new quest, to get the landmarks out to others. To do this, I have had to let go of my long-held role as a high school teacher. But a deeper joy beckons. I have never felt unsure about my future, and never more exhilarated, Delvaux explains.

-Bill Delvaux


Landmarks: Turning Points on Your Journey Toward God

By Bill Delvaux

March 2013

Trade paper, 978-1-4336-7922-3, 256 pages, $14.99

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