Catholics Come Home

God’s Plan for Your Extraordinary Life

A growing number of Catholics worldwide are leaving the church, which spurred Tom Peterson to begin aimed to bring people back to the church and keep those who are practicing.

images-2Peterson draws from Scripture, his own struggles with Catholicism and his work with converts to explain the importance of practicing the faith in Catholics Come Home (Image Books, Feb. 19, 2013). The book is aimed at generations of Catholics and offers seven ways to deepen your faith and in turn help deepen the faith in others. It offers advice to Catholic families struggling with loved ones who have left the faith; practicing Catholics rocked by recent sex scandals and other controversies in the church; and converts trying to understand their new faith.

Readers have been introduced to Peterson’s organization through commercials broadcast worldwide and introduced to U.S. dioceses. The outreach in the U.S. alone has hit an estimated 250 million viewers.

About the author

images-1TOM PETERSON is the founder of and He lecturers frequently and has given presentations to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishop;, Australian Media Conference and Australian Bishops Plenary Meeting; and at various Pontifical Councils at the Vatican. Tom and his apostolates have been featured in nearly two hundred media venues worldwide, including multiple appearances on Fox News and EWTN.


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