Loyalty and Disloyalty

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Known around the world for his Gospel-centric evangelistic crusades and over 70 published books, author, pastor and worldwide ministry leader Bishop Dag Heward-Mills will be attending his first NRB 2013 launching his writing and ministry in the US.

Dag Heward-MillsIn his newest book and first book published in the U.S., aptly titled Loyalty and Disloyalty (January 2013, Carpenter’s Son Publishing), Heward-Mills passionately shares how understanding the dynamics of these potent heart-attitudes can lead to a successful ministry of saving souls for Christ—bringing tremendous spiritual health and growth—or, in contrast, lead to strife, derision, a spirit of contempt and even ministry collapse.

“The Lord has laid on my heart the relevance and profound importance of this subject,” Heward-Mills explains. “First, the Scriptures are replete with detailed accounts of faithful and treacherous people.” Everyone can and should learn from them, he says.

“Secondly, my twenty years in the ministry have brought me face to face with loyal and disloyal people.” He then shares how he has seen both the positive impact and destructive power they have brought to churches and ministries. And that’s why, he explains, pastors cannot underestimate the importance of this teaching.


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