Praying for Dallas

Greater Dallas churches joining in prayer for the Metroplex


 A city-wide prayer initiative is currently being planned for the Greater Dallas Christian community beginning on Sunday, January 20th at 6pm, when hundreds of Christian leaders from across the Metroplex are invited to join together at Parks City Baptist in Dallas for the launch of A Prayed 4 City (AP4C). Patterned after the Concerts of Prayer Movement in New York City which has, over the past 18 years, served to build bridges between pasto,rs churches and community leaders across New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, leaders trust the AP4C movement will have a similar impact in the Dallas area. Imagine what might happen if Christians throughout the Greater Dallas area joined together in a unified prayer movement spanning across ethnic, racial and denominational lines. There are hundreds, even thousands of Christians living in the area who have prayed for just such a movement. And now, that prayer may soon be answered.

Dr. Mac Pier, founder and president of the New York City Leadership Center (NYCLC), may understand the impact such a joint prayer initiative could have better than just about anyone. In 1988, Dr. Pier established Concerts in Prayer in Greater New York. In the 20 years since its formation, that particular prayer movement has led to a 70 percent drop in the murder rate and a 300 percent growth of the Christian community in Manhattan. It has been the relentless dream of his heart to see the birth of city-wide gospel movements across the nation and around the world.

Pastor Jeff Warren, senior pastor at Park Cities Baptist in Dallas, has joined with Pier to help make that dream come true in the Dallas area. “Our vision is to have churches, agencies and networks who will agree to adopt one day per month to pray through a common prayer guide focusing on salvation, discipleship, community and transformation,” he explained “The service will be a celebration bringing together believers from all ethnic, socio-economic and denominational backgrounds, united in prayer and seeking God’s guidance.  I believe this will be an historic event for the Greater Dallas Christian community. We hope you will come out to join us as we call out to God to move mightily.”

For Rebecca Walls, executive director of Unite the Church, the initiative itself is the answer to a prayer. “We need God’s guidance and power as we seek to tackle these issues together,” she said.  “God is bringing the Church back together in unity for the benefit of our cities,” she added.  Even with so many churches, wonderful non-profits and other resources, the Metroplex still has some vast troubling issues. Only when individual Christians transform their companies, organizations, schools and neighborhoods with love, justice, mercy, and self sacrifice will our communities be transformed to fulfill the purposes of which they were intended.”

For more information about A Prayed 4 City and how you might become involved, please visit the initiative website at  to sign up and/or receive updates. The gathering will take place on Sunday, January 20, 2013 (MLK Weekend) in the Great Hall at Park Cities Baptist Church, 3933 Northwest Parkway, Dallas, 75225.

Interviews available, contact Diane Morrow 800.927.1517

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