Pin Your Interest! Inspired Designs for Your Holidays

Embrace Family, Traditions and Love

With a desire to celebrate the beauty of home and family, Roxanne  & Hannah Packham, the mother-daughter duo has skillfully melded their own family memories and candid observations with photos of impeccably designed interiors to remind the reader of the home’s power and ability to change lives. Their purpose is straightforward: “To inspire you to create a home that touches the soul of those within, as well as all who walk through the doors.”

inspired-design-glasses-1024x682Inspired Design is far from being just another photo-rich book on interior design. Instead, it is a beautifully rich hospitality book focused as much on what visitors entering the home will feel as on what they might see. Once their collaboration on the book was finished, this mother-daughter duo knew they had found their calling. To continue the work they had begun, Roxanne and Hannah founded, an organization devoted to inspiring teenage girls, mothers and others to find and follow God’s plan for their lives. Along with funding, sales of the book go straight to Heart of Hope (a ministry that advocates for orphans and at-risk children in Romania) and other selected charities. The Packhams’ unified mission is to change lives one heart at a time.

*See Roxanne & Hannah at Designed to be Crowned Mother Daughter event January 18-20. For more information click here.

 Inspired Design

by Roxanne and Hannah Packham

Inspired Design Publications/ISBN 978-0-9844563-0-7/152 pages/hardcover/$40.00 ~

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