Meaningful Connections


What is Week of Hope?

·         Week of Hope offer kids the opportunity to focus serving the needs of people through local ministries and non-profit organizations.

·         uniquely designed to offer affordable 5-day youth missions that immerse students in the life-changing experience of serving.

·         The projects at Week of Hope require little or no capital funds, keeping the trip costs low. And throughout the week, youth are continually serving others: both people in the local community, and one another.

·         Project include:  Supporting local food banks; • Playing a game with an elderly person; Helping to lead a day camp for children; Landscaping homes, non-profits, and ministries; Working with disabled children; Serving a needy resident

·         In addition to serving the community, students will take turns preparing meals and cleaning the facility where they will live with other youth groups during the week.

·         Programs are led by well-trained staff leaders – but students will have the opportunity to serve by leading worship music and other parts of each worship program (feel free to bring guitars, drums and their great voices!).

·         Students will begin to understand what Jesus meant when He said – “I came not to be served but to serve…” Matthew 20:28.


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