in remembrance and prayer…

A reminder from Brothers and Sisters praying for those in Newton,

It is with heavy hearts that we acknowledge the activities of the day and our prayers go out to the families in, and connected to, Newton Connecticut. It is beyond human comprehension how an act so horrific can take place. We encourage each of you to love your families a little deeper tonight. Hold them close and be thankful for what God has given you, understanding the frailty of life. As a church we want to ask you to be prayerful, lifting up the families that were affected by this tragedy, the family of the perpetrator and the emergency and police forces that will be forever changed by this event. Be prepared for conversations of God’s sovereignty and the possibility of sharing God’s love and message of salvation at this time.

Our children will handle the situation differently than many of us so we want you to be prepared for their grieving and processing. Here are some suggestions from Jason Noble, Children’s Pastor.
1) Don’t make it the focus of your evening. If you have young children I recommend that you not make it a topic of conversation in front of them. Watching news clips with them around isn’t helpful either. Don’t deny its reality, but don’t magnify it.
2) Answer questions honestly and openly with age appropriate answers. Remember it’s not always necessary to elaborate on answers.
3) If they are concerned about their own school safety, assure them that schools have processes and security measures to keep their schools safer. However, we cannot assure them that nothing bad would ever happen to them.
4) Assure them that God is ultimately in control of the things that happen in the world and that He can use all things for His glory.
5) Let them grieve in their own way. Validate and discuss their feelings. Counselors are available at many of the area schools if additional support is needed. Of course, if we can help in any way please let us know also.

Thank you, friends for loving people and caring about the well-being of others. God’s ways are mysterious and hard to understand but as followers of Jesus Christ we trust Him. So hug your kids, pray for Newton, and trust in our Savior always.



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