Day 25: H A N D S and F E E T

This weekend, our church canceled all services. That’s right, the church has left the building! Instead, we went out for a life-giving celebration and adopted a neighborhood in the hood to serve. We got down and dirty helping with house work, serving meals on Thanksgiving Day, doing yard work and painting the outside of homes on Friday and Saturday, and helping with a carnival for kids at Waves of Faith Parking Lot on Sunday.

A flashback from last year

It made me think, were we helping people help themselves? When is a good deed a bad idea? When does charity start and enabling abetting habits begin? Neta Jackson cuts to the heart of that issue that usually boils over Thanksgiving weekend in her latest release, “Come to the Table.” I’m thankful for the hands, feet, and hearts that move them to help others, but I want to help, not hurt in the long run. She keeps love lifting people up with the zeal AND wisdom to keep us up.

May we continue to get our hands dirty with self sustaining service, and wipe them clean of harmful habits as we continue to “Come to the Table.”




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