What Every Christian Ought to Know Gallery Part 1

Roots and Rest

Roots, the deeper they grow, the wider the branch extends. The wider the branch extends, the more creatures nest and find rest. Rogers strengthens believers in their spiritual roots to they can learn, grow, and provide the same for others.

Parable of the People for the People

The Kingdom of God is like a “seed,” a “field,” “a farmer.” The kingdom of God grows and it grows inside people bringing spiritual nourishment for people. It is not a metaphorical myth where spiritual muses run around like flower children adorning the lilies of the valley in moist soil. Rogers reminds us the kingdom of God is a relevant reality of growth. Growth that every believer needs. Growth that feeds their soul and brings life to everything they does. That is the Kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven.

Know and Grow

Stay connected and produce good fruit. Take in truth, and strengthen your soul. “There are some basic truths every Christian ought to know. Many flounder in a sea of moral relativism and vague religious opinions [and they] don’t grow because they don’t know. Facts are like a recipe, but truth is like a meal. Digest a truth and it will change your life.” -Dr. Adrian Rogers.

Burnt Out


If you feel burnt out, it usually begins from filling a phantom socket with a substitute for love. Everyone wants to be loved, but first we need to be understood. Dr. Rogers helps believers understand an indescribable Love of Christ. Only His love fills and overflows with growth. Essentials Rogers provides help us through the inevitable growing pains and burn outs with assurance.


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