Day 14: H U N G E R

Hunger reminds me that I am not self-sufficiently complete. Deep within myself there is a desperate need, not just a phasing craving or desire, a life sustaining need. Unfortunately, I’ve never really known hunger, and forget this void within me for something beyond myself.

I have forgotten that I have forgotten.

When  my stomach grumbles, I am reminded that I have forgotten.

An international love song is one that describes a world without hunger.

Hunger kills, but the disease of remembering saves. It saves and needs to spread.

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“This disease of the soul will always be with me. This is one kind of disease I think needs to spread. There may be some who do not want to deal with this issue, but if we can inform others and have them embrace the issue in an optimistic way, we can really begin to see an end to world hunger. When enough people stop and realize it doesn’t have to be this way and that it is up to us, then that’s when it will stop. When enough people have been stricken by this disease, then world hunger will end. I would like to think my writing is one of the contagions that will spread the disease to others. That is my hope and prayer.”

-Roger Thurow

To read more about the award winning author of “The Last Hunger Season” and his mission, please visit

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