Day 12: still W A I T I N G

Waiting is more that what I’m enduring on a tiresome journey. It is what I’m waiting for. In the middle of things are where they grow, in the quiet, in the depths, in the dark, roots grow. More and more, I treasure the availability of being in limbo, of being in-between. life is more than milestones and timeline events. Life unfolds with transitions. It blooms between the cracks, in hard places. I’m thankful I have times during my day when I have to wait. Here are a few…

-Brushing my teeth and washing my hand. It gives me more time to reflect on the upcoming day as I stare at my groggy reflection staring back at me.

-Driving. Transportation is not telaportation. Nothing comes instantaneously except that yellow light when you least expect it. Trapped in my steel fortress, I have time and space to sort my thoughts. The scenery is ever changing (except if you are in Texas). All of the constant motion and change steadies me. With everything changing, as change is a dangerously unchangeable groove, it helps me listen to what is consistent. When I finally arrive, I have a different perspective than when I left.

-Youtube videos (when you forget you left the setting on HD and you know it is going to take an eon when the advertisement won’t even load). It makes me think twice about what I spend my time watching.

If you would like practice waiting, upload this video–wait to load–and then jam along!

-Waiting 5 more mins before I eat, it makes me more hungry and even plain bread tastes sweet.

-Signing my signature, it is one thing I can’t copy and paste, reminds me I’m unique, and when I sign in cursive I grow nostalgic of receiving hand written letters back in the day.

-The ringing before someone picks up the phone with the uncertainty of when they will answer, “hello” if they even do pick up.

-The second right before a leaf changes color and falls.

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