Day 9: Q U I T T I N G

Have you ever wanted to throw in the towel and yell, “I quit?!” I’m so thankful I did.

Here’s why…

…quitting saved my life.

Quitting taught me loyalty to the right things.
The problem was me-or rather inside me, monumental problems living in reaction.

Quitting felt worse than death but I was already dying. What happens if I gain everything but loose my soul? I decided to die to things that don’t bring life, let go. Sadness sobered my joy but courage helped me face the fear of sadness, not replace it. I’m done with blame games, chronic complaints, illusions of helplessness, victimizing myself in the assault of controllable circumstances. I realized what Dr. Seuss was telling me all along, “no one is youer than you,” and after I quit, I’ve never felt more myself.

I’m so thankful i Q U I T !

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To learn more about quitting, click here:

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