Day 8: F R I C T I O N

It takes iron to sharpen iron, and it takes some friction to make a spark.

When personal time and space seem to shrink this season because of shorter days, chilling breezes, and longer office hours, elbows rub.

When it happens, inevitably, It is up to me to let it spark warmth, rejuvenating energy, or a scorching burn.

Words either kill or heal, and actions speak even louder. I’m thankful for the opportunity to choose with Friction.

I have the power to use the hot friction, even when my wick is closer to the floor than the flame.

Here’s to making the best of things, bringing warmth, energy, and refining this season. Here’s to healing a body broken, especially when there’s friction.

Body Broken – Charles Drew

When friction sparks a flame and the wax hits the floor…


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