Can I get a witness?

Workcamps from Group Mission Trips are weeklong home repair mission camps for Christian youth. These camps are big, high-energy experiences where youth groups serve people in need through challenging home repair projects. For six days, youth join other young people to repair sagging porches, rebuild unsafe steps and wheelchair ramps and paint homes. The young people will transform a house, and God will transform their faith.

 “We’ve made Week of Hope an annual event to provide time together for our group. As they work, play and worship together, relationships are built and strengthened, which sets a valuable stage for the work of the Spirit in their hearts and lives. The kids get along better when they get home. They have drawn closer to their group leader and have experienced God in real and personal ways-priceless.” -Tom Smithson, Salem Evangelical FreeRead testimonials from Youth Leaders and campers who have attended a Week of Hope mission trip…

“Participating in Week of Hope was one of the best experiences I have ever had! I made so many new friends of all ages from 13-99. I learned more about myself and God which helped me make much needed changes in my life. I will never forget this life changing experience!” –Adrienne, Youth Participant

“Week of Hope showed me how God can change lives.” –Jordan S, Youth Participant

“This has had a lasting impression on my life. I feel my relationship with God is much stronger. The memories I made will last forever and I can’t wait for the mission trip this summer!” –Madison, Youth Participant, First Presbyterian Church of Pittsford

“As Youth Director, this is the best part of my job. Getting to watch our youth become transformed beyond what they ever imagined. They have been coming every year for four years and I personally see God in action through them. Their restoration and redemption experiences is what makes my job all the more worthwhile. I have the best job EVER!” –Allison Partridge, Youth Leader, 

First United Methodist Church

“Experiencing service projects with my youth was amazing. They continued to surprise me and I saw their faith grow each day.” –Kelly W., Youth Leader

“I had an amazing amount of quality time with my students that I would not have had throughout an entire year within our normal life back home.” –Chris M., Youth Leader

Group Mission Trips

(800) 385-4545


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