Day 2: C I R C L E S

Month of gratitude day 2:

We are celebrating circles this season!

O O o o o o O O o o o o O O

November 2nd marks “Find Circles Everywhere” Holiday-that’s just what we are doing!

This elusively shape escapes perfection by a secret switching of the universe. The earth is round enough to be called a sphere, yet it is flat (especially if you have been to Texas). It is infinite within itself, timelessly bound to its size and shape, never shrinking nor growing. Some days, we seem to inherit the “Peter Principle” of “when in doubt or danger, yell and run in circles.” We can sit stuck in ruts, or discover the forward motion of centripetal force when rubber hits the gravel-thank you Flintstones for revolution ongoing the stone wheel. Life’s not set or stuck in stone, it is ever evolving, changing-as change is the most “unchangeable groove” according to G.k. Chesterton. However, we find milestones, stations, marks of growth in spite of growing pains when we look for circles. We see that this Holiday last year, we were not where we are now, nor will we remain so until November 2, 2013.

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Here’s to the same fall season with a different perspective, looking for circles everywhere we find ourselves!!

O O o o o o O O o o o o O O

Feel like you are going in circles and just want some guidance? Non-solicited, naturally. Here are some great resources!


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