Mission-Minded Youth Provide Help and Hope

Weeklong service projects and workcamps assist people in need and change teens’ lives

Group Mission Trips is excited to offer two weeklong mission opportunities for youth and youth groups. Week of Hope and Workcamps® give teens two different mission experiences that provide life-changing involvement with Christian outreach projects that help people in need. While young people enjoy fun and fellowship with other youth and develop new friendships, these experiences will also impact the rest of their lives for Christ.

Week of Hope offers teens the opportunity to focus on serving the needs of people through local ministries and non-profit organizations. These trips are uniquely designed as affordable five-day youth missions that immerse students in the life-changing experience of serving both people in the local community and each other. Projects in a Week of Hope include supporting local food banks; playing games with elderly people; helping to lead day camps for children; landscaping homes, non-profits and ministries; working with disabled children; and serving residents in need in a variety of ways.


We worked, we played, we prayed, we sang, we shared, we cried, and we grew in relationship with JESUS ! ”

-Cheryl Greiss, Youth Director, Rejoice Lutheran

Group Mission Trips

(800) 385-4545



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