“The things on earth will be shaken, so that only eternal things will be left.”

-Hebrews 12:27

“In Globequake, I tag the crisis of contemporary government as the “cracked dome.” President Obama showed last night just how fragile our governing structures and policies are. When he ran in 2008, his speeches were essentially sound bites, but in 2012 the sound bites have morphed into clichés whose flaws and cracks are in clear view after four years of intense scrutiny. No wonder the President seemed so uncertain in the debate. What was dynamic hope in 2008 is now weary and weak cliché.

-Wallace Henley, Houston, Texas


If Obama is re-elected, what will his next administration, and, more importantly, the nation and world look like? Wallace Henley addresses these issues in Part 2 of his series on the upcoming election, published in Christian Post. 

Click 7 Things to Expect to ready the complete article.

There is no question that we live in an unstable world. The economic crisis that rocked America three years ago has gone global and continues unabated.  In the past decade alone, the number of natural disasters has increased sixty fold while famine rages in some countries and war ravages others.  Regimes teeter on the brink while others topple. In recent months, riots have ripped through London and across Greece, and the threat of nuclear war remains an ever present concern. To even the most casual observer, the world around us has become a global stress test, and each day more of us are losing all hope of passing.

Despite these observations, he stresses that we have no reason for fear.  Throughout the pages of Globequake, he presents a compelling argument that what we are experiencing is truly nothing more than an invitation to renew our faith as never before and anchor ourselves in Christ.


Living in the Unshakeable Kingdom While the World Falls Apart

by Wallace Henley


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