Able Can

The Sesame Street debate ruffled a few feathers. Tonight, the Vice Presidential debates fluster voters again. Can Democrats and Republicans sit in the same pew? Won’t somebody help this “Body broken?” What both sides can agree on…we love Big Bird. Able loves Big Bird too and he has some things to say about his first election campaign. He’s young, bright, and democrat or republican, he reminded me of what I believe in this election.

I vote for 2 year old Abel this election. Political toddler genius. Here are his policies.

Slogan: “King for Life!” (with arms spread standing in basket of laundry)

Budget: “I have my pennies, and you have yours, and we can count them.1,2,3,4,5…”

Energy and Oil: Abel’s cars are made of cardboard and are powered by imagination.

Economic Policies: “How about ALL the cookies are for me?”

Homeland Security: “Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?!”

Environment: “Let’s go outside it is nice out there to go on a venture.”

Tax Reform: (actually asked him “what do you think of tax reform? his answer:) “Temps forms is a good thing, it is tasty and good.”

Before you cast your vote this election,  see where you sit and who you sit with. Is there something we can all stomach together?


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