The One Campaign

The ONE Campaign is working with Roger Thurow to produce series of materials to help guide Churches through issues surrounding hunger in Africa (the paradox of the ‘hungry farmer’, food aid, agricultural development for smallholder farmers, etc.) and the implications this has for people of faith.  These materials are for churches that want to devote a service to the issue (bulletin inserts, sermon starters, suggested hymns, children’s activities) as well as a 6 week, in-depth guide accompanying the book, ‘The Last Hunger Season’, suitable for an adult-led class or small group. Incorporating biblical texts and principles as well as elements from the up-coming documentary, the guide is designed to encourage discussion and to deepen the participants understanding of how these issues are directly relevant to each of us.

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“I wrote The Last Hunger Season because I wanted to take readers through a year in the lives of four Kenyan farmers and their families.  I decided to follow farmers because I saw in them a desire to improv­­­­e the quantity and the quality of the food they grow. I wanted my readers to see what I saw, to see the desire, the willingness, the yearning not to be lifted up, but to be given the opportunity to lift themselves up.  Farmers throughout Africa are so willing to do their part, but they can’t do it without the support of their governments through increased investments in agriculture.”  

– Roger Thurow

To learn more about The Last Hunger Season and the documentary film it inspired, please visit:

Thurow’s blog:



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