Suppa’ time…and I’m Hungry for more than food

“Everybody eats when they come to my house…”

My great grandmother sure would agree, with honey rosemary friend chicken, biscuits, gravy, corn, all the works! This evening though, I’m hungry for more than her homemade food…I have a different kind of craving.

Here’s a flip through my dinner read selection this evening,

“I wrote The Last Hunger Season because I wanted to take readers through a year in the lives of four Kenyan farmers and their families.  I decided to follow farmers because I saw in them a desire to improv­­­­e the quantity and the quality of the food they grow. I wanted my readers to see what I saw, to see the desire, the willingness, the yearning not to be lifted up, but to be given the opportunity to lift themselves up.  Farmers throughout Africa are so willing to do their part, but they can’t do it without the support of their governments through increased investments in agriculture.”  

– Roger Thurow

What’s my pray to say grace before my meal? This disease of the soul will always be with me. This is one kind of disease I think needs to spread. There may be some who do not want to deal with this issue, but if we can inform others and have them embrace the issue in an optimistic way, we can really begin to see an end to world hunger. When enough people stop and realize it doesn’t have to be this way and that it is up to us, then that’s when it will stop. When enough people have been stricken by this disease, then world hunger will end. I would like to think my writing is one of the contagions that will spread the disease to others. That is my hope and prayer.

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