It’s Not Just a Job . . . It’s a Calling

Dr. Larry Moyer challenges and trains Christians to share the gospel at work 

Two kinds of Christians go to work. For the first person, his workplace is his ministry. For the second, his workplace is nothing more than a job. In truth, it should be both—the workplace is where a Christian not only goes to perform his job but also a place to engage in his ministry.

In his timely and insightful new book, Show Me How to Share Christ in the Workplace (Fall 2012 Kregel), evangelist and authorDr. Larry Moyer challenges every committed Christian to recognize that he or she is in full-time ministry. “The concept that professional, paid Christian workers such as pastors, music directors and youth workers are the only ones in ministry could not be further from the truth. We’re all in ministry 24/7.” To balance obligations to our employer and our commitment to share Christ, Moyer comments, “The Bible tells us how to get to heaven. It also tells us how to take those in the workplace along with us. So when trying to impact the workplace for Christ, the Bible is the place to start.”

Show Me How to Share Christ in the Workplace is available from your favorite local bookstore and at

 Show Me How to Share Christ In The Workplace

Larry Moyer

Kregel, Fall 2012

978-0-8254-4269-8 • $12.99Paperback • 5.25 x 8 • 176 pages

Christian Ministry / Evangelism

For a review copy or interview contact:

Diane Morrow

Vice President Public Relations

The B&B Media Group

The Barnabas Agency(A division of The B&B  Media Group)   *   800.927.1517 office    *    817.319.9805 cell    *

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