Subway Reflections: Facing Excess on the Express

As I’m preparing for Movement Day NYC 2012, a reflection on the subway caught my eye from a couple years ago. It reminded me how many people pass me everyday, people I’m not even aware of. Sometimes I plan my day to take the longer train, just to have more time to see people, and see opportunities to serve. What will you do as you prepare for Movement Day?

I even wrote a little poem for you…

Shadowed people

Hidden hearts and open pockets

Zippers choke, so we open

Bag it and the excess spills out

Where is the pouring out?

Coming from? Going to?

Over stimulated, I’m weighted as my spirit floats

Feet shuffle, Harlem blazz, Savoy truffle

Stop missing someone you’ve never seen

It’s distracting

I can’t concentrate on anything but finger prints of beauty

I tear up and they smudge

Thumbprints circle the phone, thoughts spill out

Excess falls down. Chin up

Waiting longs till we have faces

Reflections on the Subway

I’ll see you when we get there…

You miss a lot of local people on the express

Face the excess and take the scenic route

I’ll be seeing you, and we will have faces

Everyone rushes at rush hour

And no one goes anywhere

Wait here, let go in the moment

Flow with the seasons. Be.

Excess on D express.

-Amy Diane Morrow, September 21st, 2010


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